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Best Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews Costume Guide

Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews is one of the survivors of the undead apocalypse in the 1978 cult zombie film, Dawn of the Dead. Internationally known as Zombi or Zombie, Dawn of the Dead is an independent horror film released in 1978 by George A. Romero. The script was written in collaboration with Italian filmmaker Dario Argento. Dawn of the Dead follows the devastation of the United States by the sudden and mysterious phenomenon of flesh-eating zombies. The film focuses on the state of Philadelphia, where Stephen Andrews worked as a staff member for a television studio. Andrews was the pilot of the Traffic Report Helicopter at the WGON-TV station, thus the nickname “Flyboy.”

Get the look of the zombie apocalypse survivor with this awesome Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews costume guide. Look pretty fly in this costume by dressing up in a white shirt, brown pants, black belt, and brown pair of shoes. Top off Flyboy’s look with green face paint, a toy revolver, and some fake blood.

Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews Cosplay Costumes

When the zombie apocalypse began, and the undead overran the world, Stephen and his girlfriend Francine leave the WGON-TV station via helicopter and head for the countryside. The couple stops at an abandoned police station pier on the Delaware River to wait for their friend Roger to arrive while refueling the helicopter. While waiting, four rogue policemen threaten them until Roger and Peter both arrive. All four spend the night flying around in the helicopter. When they stop in the morning to refuel at a deserted airport, the group becomes under attack by zombies. Trying to prove his courage and strength to Francine, Stephen attempts to kill the undead. It’s ultimately their companions, Roger and Peter, who eliminate the zombies so effectively.

You’ll need an entire team to survive the zombie apocalypse from Dawn of the Dead. So, make sure not to venture out alone. Have some of your friends dress up like Francine, Roger, or even Peter to have a full gang ready for zombie-fighting during the zombie apocalypse.


Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews from the classic horror film “Dawn of the Dead” with our in-depth costume guide FAQ. Get ready to embody the resourceful and determined character of Flyboy, as we explore the key elements for recreating his distinct survivalist look, answering your questions about crafting a costume that captures his blend of everyday practicality and the intensity of a zombie-infested world.

Flyboy's outfit in "Dawn of the Dead" is characteristic of the 1970s style mixed with a survivalist approach. Essential components typically include a plaid shirt, a leather bomber jacket or a brown flight jacket, and durable, straight-leg pants like jeans or work trousers. His attire is practical, suitable for navigating a zombie apocalypse, and reflective of his pilot background.

To emulate Flyboy's style, focus on finding a vintage-looking plaid shirt, typical of the 1970s fashion. The leather bomber jacket or brown flight jacket is key to his pilot identity and should have a worn, rugged look. Choose pants that are functional and comfortable, in a neutral color like blue or brown.

Flyboy's footwear should be practical and sturdy, indicative of the need for mobility and durability in a zombie-infested environment. Opt for a pair of solid, dark-colored boots. Accessories can include a pilot's watch, a belt, and possibly a holster or a prop weapon to enhance the survivalist aspect of the character.

To accurately portray Flyboy, focus on his resourcefulness and determination in the face of crisis. He's a character who adapts to the challenging circumstances of a zombie apocalypse, showing both fear and bravery. Adopting a demeanor that balances everyday normalcy with the intensity of survival will bring depth to the character.

Flyboy in "Dawn of the Dead" is known for his reactions to the unfolding chaos and his interactions with other characters. Including some dialogue or mimicking his actions during key scenes can add authenticity to your portrayal. Phrases like “We got this, man!” or showing a sense of urgency and protectiveness can reflect his character's essence in the film.

About Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews

The group comprised of Stephen, Francine, Peter, and Roger eventually take refuge in a secluded shopping center that is infested with zombies. The group lands on the roof and breaking in through a skylight to collect rations and take rest. They eventually decide that the zombie infestation will need to be cleared to remain in the shopping mall as a place of refuge. To do this, Roger and Peter block the entrances while Stephen observes from the helicopter.

In trying to clear the area, Roger is bitten by an undead and Stephen along with Fran and Peter care for him until he transforms into a zombie and is needed to ultimately be killed. In the end, a gang of nomadic motorcyclists takes over the mall when Stephen foolishly initiates a gun battle with the biker gang. Because of his rash decision, Flyboy meets his fate when he is shot in the head and bitten by a zombie.

Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews

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