Star-Lord Style Walkman, Earphones and Mask
Short Sleeve Crew Tee
Red Galaxy Leather Jacket
Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag
40mm Leather Ratchet Belt
Halloween Walker-130 Boot
Star-Lord Quad Blaster
Armored Cowhide Leather Pants

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In Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill who is also know as Star Lord. Together with his space-based friends, they team up to stop Ronan the Accuser and save the day. While you may not be a planet saving superhero like Star Lord, you can definitely dress like him this Halloween. Start with a Short Sleeve Crew Tee, Red Galaxy Leather Jacket, Armored Cowhide Leather Racing Pants , Walker-130 Boots, and a Leather Ratchet Belt. Before launching off, make sure to bring your Star Lord Style Walkman and Mask, Canvas Military Messenger Bag, and Guardians of the Galaxy Quad Blaster.

Star-Lord Cosplay Costumes

Played by Chris Pratt in the 2014 film adaptation of Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, Starlord is the half-human intergalactic hero of our dreams. 26 years after being abducted by an alien star-ship, Star Lord (also known as Peter Quill) gains a reputation as an outlaw, mainly due to his run-ins with the intergalactic police. After meeting his team on a somewhat failed mission to steal the mysterious ‘orb’, Peter quill teams up with Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, and Groot to defend the planet Xanar from being destroyed.

Although he lives the life of an intergalactic hero, Star Lord’s look is quite easy for an earth dweller to attain. Start off with a red leather jacket, some leather pants, and finish it off with a Star Lord inspired helmet.

Star-Lord Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a cosmic adventure with our Star-Lord costume guide FAQ, inspired by Chris Pratt’s portrayal of the character in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Perfect for fans looking to embody the rogueish charm and swagger of the leader of the Guardians, this guide will help you recreate Star-Lord’s iconic outfit, complete with his trademark helmet and gadgets.

Star-Lord's outfit is a mix of rugged and functional space gear. The central piece is a maroon leather jacket with distinct padded sections and an armored look. Underneath, wear a light blue t-shirt with a unique graphic design. Star-Lord's pants are typically dark, resembling cargo or tactical pants, paired with sturdy boots. Essential accessories include his signature helmet with red eyes, a pair of blasters, and a brown leather belt with holsters.

Star-Lord's helmet is a key feature of his costume. Look for a replica helmet online or make a DIY version using a motorcycle helmet as a base and modifying it with paint and additional components to resemble his. His weapons, twin blasters, can also be found as replicas or can be made from foam or 3D-printed materials for a more authentic look.

Star-Lord wears practical and durable boots, suitable for space adventures. Choose a pair of dark, ankle-high boots, preferably in a style that resembles combat or tactical boots. Ensure they are comfortable for all your galaxy-saving activities.

Besides the helmet and blasters, Star-Lord often wears a brown leather belt with holsters for his weapons. Adding a pair of cool-looking headphones and a portable cassette player, referencing his love for 80s music, can be a fun and character-accurate accessory.

To bring depth to your portrayal, consider using some of Star-Lord's memorable quotes: "I'm Star-Lord, man. Legendary outlaw.," "You said it yourself, bitch. We're the Guardians of the Galaxy.," "I come from Earth, a planet of outlaws. My name is Peter Quill. There's one other name you might know me by... Star-Lord.," "We're not gonna stand by as evil wipes out billions of innocent lives." and "Sometimes the thing you're searching for your whole life is right there by your side all along." These quotes capture Star-Lord's humorous, bold, and sometimes sentimental nature, making him a beloved character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

About Star-Lord

The background of Peter Quill differs slightly between marvel’s original character and the different adaptations ( tv shows, video games, etc.). In the film however, after seeing his mom die of terminal cancer, an 8-year old Peter Quill is taken by the Ravengers (an intergalactic group of thieves) with the intention of bringing him to his father. After meeting Peter however, it was decided by the leader of the Ravengers (Yondu Udonta), that Peter would stay and be raised as his own. Peter’s skills as a former thief come in handy once he forms the Guardians of the Galaxy. After proving himself a hero and saving the planet Xanar, Star Lord (along with the other guardians) have their records expunged, solidifying their place as Guardians of the Galaxy.



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