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Best Star Butterfly Costume Guide

Star Butterfly is the main character appearing in the Disney animated adventure show Star vs. the Forces of Evil. The show tells the story of Star, a princess from another world who is sent to Earth to learn the true power of her Royal Magic Wand. Star Butterfly is thought to one day become the ruler of her home kingdom, Mewni, but Star has a lot to learn about responsibility first. No matter what situations she gets herself into, Star is a ball of fun and happiness who can always be counted on to cheer you up. Get the look of the magical princess from another dimension with this Star Butterfly costume guide.

If you want to transform into the child-like optimist, Star Butterfly, you’ll need to dress up in a Star Butterfly Dress, Pink Boots, Star’s Wand, Horn Headband, and Blonde Wig. With this outfit, you will look exactly like the teenage princess.

Star Butterfly Cosplay Costumes

While Star Butterfly is known to wear many different outfits throughout the animated Disney series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, the Mewni princess typically wears her aqua colored dress most frequently. Along with her dress, you’ll need to slip on a pair of Star’s boots and horned headband. If you don’t already have blonde hair, you’ll need to add on a blonde wig as well or color it to match.

You might want to get together with other fans of the show, perhaps have some friends dress as her earthly friends Marco Diaz, Rafael Diaz, and Angie Diaz. You can also go out of this world and pair up with some of Star’s acquaintances from Mewni—Queen Butterfly, Pony Head, Eclipsa, or Sir Glossaryck of Terms. Whatever you do though, be careful there isn’t a sneaky Ludo hiding around the corner trying to steal your magic wand!

Star Butterfly Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the magical and vibrant world of Star Butterfly from “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” with our enchanting costume guide FAQ. Get ready to channel the energetic and rebellious princess of Mewni as we delve into your most asked questions about capturing her unique and colorful style.

Star Butterfly's costume includes a short, bright green dress with white and yellow accents, resembling her iconic outfit in the series. You'll also need a pair of pink and white striped leggings, red boots, and a pair of small, blue devil-like horns on a headband. Don't forget her signature heart-shaped cheek marks, which can be achieved with face paint or stickers.

Star has long, blonde hair typically styled in two high ponytails with bangs. To replicate her look, you can dye your hair blonde and style it accordingly, or opt for a blonde wig with the ponytails already in place. Adding a couple of star-shaped hair clips will enhance the authenticity of the costume.

Star's makeup is relatively simple yet distinctive. Focus on achieving a bright, youthful look with pink blush on the cheeks and a light eyeshadow. The most important feature is her heart-shaped cheek marks, which should be prominently displayed in bright red or pink.

Star's wand is a key accessory and can be crafted using materials like foam, cardboard, and paint. The wand has a light blue handle with a yellow star on top, surrounded by small blue and white wings. Alternatively, you might find replica wands at costume stores or online.

Incorporating Star Butterfly's quotes can bring your costume to life. Some memorable lines include: "I'm a magical princess from another dimension!," "I don’t need a hero, I need a friend.," "You can’t just resist the urge to do what’s right!," "I’m blasting monsters and never breaking a sweat." and "I do things my own way." These quotes capture Star's spirit of independence, bravery, and her quirky, fun-loving nature, making your portrayal more authentic and engaging.

About Star Butterfly

Star Butterfly is a 15-year-old Princess from the Kingdom of Mewni, who has been given the Royal Magic Wand but must first travel to Earth to learn how to use it. Living with her hosts on Earth, the Diaz family, Star sets about learning the magical powers of her wand. Characterized as a fun-loving girl who would rather make sure everyone is happy and enjoying themselves, she can often be seen to not take her royal responsibilities seriously.

Star also has a distrust of monsters, although as the show progresses she puts these prejudices aside. As time goes on, she also learns to take things a bit more seriously. Overall she is a bubbly, energetic girl at heart and always goes out of her way to make sure all those around her are happy. After discovering that she is not a member of the Butterfly family, Star begins to doubt her place of royalty. She even considers returning her magical wand back to Eclipsa, the former Queen of Mewni.

Star Butterfly

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