How to Dress Like Squirrel Girl

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Squirrel Girl Costume Guide
Brown Leggings
Paw Gloves
Brown Biketard Bodysuit
Khaki Tactical Belt
Acorn Earrings
Brown Cropped Biker Faux Leather Jacket
Squirrel Ears
Squirrel Tail
Brown Boots Fur Lining

Best Squirrel Girl Costume Guide

Squirrel Girl, whose real name Doreen Green, is a superhero that appears in the Marvel comic books. Her first appearance is in Marvel Super-Heroes’ Winter Special. Squirrel Girl’s main power is the ability to communicate with squirrels. It’s not a typical superpower and it might seem like it’s not that useful in fighting crime, but because of the sheer number of squirrels in nature, this natural ability to communicate with them proves very effective in defeating super villains. She was shown joining the Great Lakes Avengers, a superhero team founded by Mr. Immortal, Dinah Soar, Big Bertha, Flatman, and Doorman. Get the look of the squirrel master with this Squirrel Girl costume guide.

To defeat villains with squirrels, you’ll need to cosplay Squirrel Girl by dressing up in Squirrel Ears, Squirrel Tail, Paw Gloves, a Brown Faux Leather Jacket, a Brown Bodysuit, Brown Leggings, Brown Fur-Lined Boots, a Khaki Tactical Belt, and Acorn Earrings.

Squirrel Girl Cosplay Costumes

Squirrel Girl has powers and abilities you would never expect a superhero to possess: large buck teeth that are so strong they can chew through hardwood, a 3-foot long tail capable of grasping objects, claws that allow her to climb, and retractable knuckle spikes on each hand. Of course, she can also communicate with squirrels. To look the part of crime-fighting Squirrel Girl, you need all squirrel-related costume items: a squirrel tail, some squirrel ears, paw gloves, acorn earrings, and some fur-lined boots. You’ll also need some badass items that make you look the superhero part: a brown bodysuit with brown leggings topped with a faux leather jacket. And of course, a tactical belt.

Make sure your co-superheroes are at the party or cosplay event with you! Invite your friends to come as one of the Great Lakes Avengers such as Mr. Immortal, Big Bertha, Flatman, or Doorman.

About Squirrel Girl

Born Doreen Allene Green, Doreen or Squirrel Girl discovered at age 10 that she could communicate with squirrels. She naturally developed a modification to her genes that allowed her to be more and more squirrel-like throughout the years. When her parents asked a doctor, Doreen wasn’t classified as a mutant despite her feeling as such. At age 15, she ambushes Iron Man in a forest to showcase her squirrel superpowers. After saving his life from Doctor Doom, he mentions that she is much too young at that point to fight crime. However, he does promise to refer her to the Avengers when the time is right.

Much later in New York City, Doreen meets the Great Lake Avengers and joins the superhero team as Squirrel Girl. When it comes time to exit this group, she is later on connected to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones as their daughter’s nanny. At some point, it is revealed that Squirrel Girl had a brief relationship with popular Marvel character Wolverine.

Squirrel Girl

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