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Best Spock Costume Guide

The most memorable Vulcan and human hybrid we know is Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, in the original Star Trek series. Spock serves aboard the Starship Enterprise as science officer and first officer. He is one of the main characters in the original Star Trek series along with Captain James Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy. Whether you’re choosing a costume from the original version in the 1966 television show or the reprised role by Zachary Quinto in the 2009 film Star Trek, Spock is one character that everyone is sure to recognize! Get the look of the human-Vulcan officer with this Spock costume.

You can finally turn yourself into your favorite Star-Trek character with a Spock Wig combined with Spock Ears. Throw on the oh-so-amazing Spock Blue Uniform Shirt, Black Relaxed Pants, and Engineer Boots for his everyday uniform. A Phaser Gun is also a must-have when turning into your alter-ego of Spock!

Spock Cosplay Costumes

When we’re talking about cosplay, there are no better costumes than those from the original Star-Trek television series! Of course, Spock is one of the top choices! Finding pieces for this costume will be easy! We recommend swinging by a local costume shop or going ordering online Spock’s shirt, Spock’s wig, and Spock’s ears. You should have a pair of plain black pants and work boots to finish the look. Your Spock costume would not be incomplete without a replica phaser gun similar to one seen on the Star Trek show.

Spock was a part greatest team on television, so you definitely need your best companions to come along and dress as Captain Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, or even Uhura before venturing out into The Final Frontier!  Live long and prosper, but first send a picture that can be added to the Star Trek costume gallery!

About Spock

Spock is the half human and half Vulcan who helped captain the USS Enterprise. He stood alongside Captain Kirk for many years as a science officer and a first officer. He didn’t start out as a leader on the ship and was in fact born in 2230 to his human mother and Vulcan father who was a scientist and diplomat. The Vulcans were known for steering away from emotion and solely focused on the Vulcan principles of logic.

Since Spock was born as half human and half Vulcan, he had a difficult time as a child. Other Vulcan children would bully and tease him to see if they could get an emotional response from him. They would then say that he wasn’t truly a Vulcan like them. He later went on to begin his journey as a Starfleet officer in 2250. During his appearances on the Star Trek series, he grew into a Captain role but kept his same strong-willed personality.


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