How to Dress Like Splatoon Inkling Girl

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Gaming Headset Headphones
Black Leather Eye Mask
Hair Color Spray
Splatoon T-shirt
Squid Plush
Women's Sprint Short
Splatoon Water Gun
Athletic Slip On Shoes
Shoe Laces

Best Splatoon Inkling Girl Costume Guide

Inkling Girl made her first appearance in the Nintendo video game Splatoon that was released for Wii U in 2015. Splatoon is a third-person shooter video game that mimics paintball-like warfare. The sequel Splatoon 2 was released for Nintendo Switch in 2017. You can catch a glimpse of Inkling Girl in the new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game for Nintendo Switch. In the game, you can choose to play as either a boy or girl Inkling and customize their appearance however you like! Get the complete look with this Inkling Girl costume guide.

Cosplay an Inkling girl with a pair of Gaming Headset Headphones, Hair Color Spray, Black Leather Eye Mask, Splatoon Short Sleeve T-shirt, Women’s Sprint Shorts, Splatoon Water Gun, Athletic Slip On Shoes, Shoe Laces, and a Squid Plush.

Splatoon Inkling Girl Cosplay Costumes

An Inkling is a squid-like humanoid that appears in the Nintendo video game Splatoon. The Girl Inkling is a fun costume for adults or kids to dress up as for any cosplay event. We’ve tracked down all of the pieces for you to ensure you get a look that’s close to the Nintendo video game. Follow the guide to prepare to fight against the Octarians for the remaining territory. Get started making your best Inkling costume!

To make the Girl Inkling costume, start off by wearing a Splatoon short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of women’s sprint shorts. Put together the athletic shoes and colored shoe laces. Spray-on orange hair color to get your hair as orange as possible. Once the spray has dried, you can put your black eye-mask and headset on. Grab your water gun and squid plush to finish up her look! Now you’re ready to save the day as an Inkling! Make sure to send pictures of your Girl Inkling costume to give others ideas in creating this costume.

Splatoon Inkling Girl Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and playful world of “Splatoon” with our Inkling Girl costume guide FAQ. Capture the spirited and fashionable essence of these squid-human characters as we answer your key questions about creating a costume that embodies the unique and trendy style of the Inkling Girls from this beloved Nintendo game.

An Inkling Girl's outfit is characterized by its stylish, urban look combined with squid-like features. Key components include a colorful top or tank with funky designs, a skirt or shorts, and bright, stylish sneakers or boots. The outfit is often adorned with vibrant colors and patterns. Signature features include the tentacle hair, typically in bold colors like pink, orange, or teal, symbolizing the Inkling's squid form.

For the squid-like hair, use a wig in a bright color and style it into tentacle shapes, or create a headpiece with fabric tentacles. The ink tank, a significant part of the costume, can be made from a transparent plastic container, filled with colored liquid (safe, non-staining dye in water) or colored paper to resemble ink. Secure it to the back of the costume with straps or a harness.

Select clothing that reflects the Inkling Girls' hip and sporty style. Look for tops in vivid, eye-catching colors and dynamic patterns. Pair them with a skirt, shorts, or skinny pants. The Inklings are known for their love of bold and eclectic fashion, so don't hesitate to mix different colors and prints.

Enhance your Inkling Girl costume with a replica of Splatoon weapons, like a splat roller or splattershot, crafted from foam, cardboard, or other lightweight materials. Additional accessories could include colorful sunglasses, a trendy hat or beanie, and wristbands or bracelets.

Although the Inklings from "Splatoon" communicate through unique sounds and body language rather than spoken words, using the game's catchphrase, "Booyah!" can bring your Inking Girl cosplay to life. Additionally, embodying the Inking Girl's spirited demeanor through poses, battle-ready stances, and team-oriented gestures like "Stay fresh!" will convey her character effectively. Engaging with fellow cosplayers or fans in the spirit of the game, using playful competitiveness and camaraderie, will further enrich your portrayal.

About Splatoon Inkling Girl

Inklings are small creatures that live in Inkapolis appearing in the Nintendo video game Splatoon. In the video game, you can choose to be a Boy Inkling or Girl Inkling and customize your character’s eye color and skin tone. Inklings are a type of squid humanoid that originally came to the earth after humans were wiped out from existence. Inklings and other creatures from the ocean then evolved into the top species on Earth.

In the game, Inklings don’t have bones and can’t be killed during game play. Once they have been “splatted,” they come back to their bodies and are ready to continue their adventures! One of their main goals in the game is to find and rescue the Great Zapfish! They are able to switch between Inklings and Squid during gameplay. This unique Nintendo video game is an undeniably a fun time!

Splatoon Inkling Girl

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