How to Dress Like Splatoon Inkling Boy

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Cotton Long-Sleeve T-shirt
Black Leather Eye Mask
Motorcycle Half Helmet Goggles
Inkling Squid Splatoon Shirt
Splatoon Inkling Boy Hat
Soccer Squadra 17 Shorts
Squid Plush
Hair Color Spray
Backpack Water Gun
Shaq Attaq Fashion Sneaker

Best Splatoon Inkling Boy Costume Guide

Inkling Boy first appeared in the Wii U video game Splatoon that was released by Nintendo in 2015. Splatoon is a non-violent third-person shooter video game that simulates warfare like the game of paintball. The multiplayer turf warfare continues in Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch.  In the video game, you are able to choose Boy or Girl Inkling with the ability to further customize their appearance! Ge the complete look of the humanoid squid with this Inkling Boy costume guide.

Cosplay the Inkling boy with a Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, Inkling Squid Splatoon Shirt, Soccer Squadra 17 Shorts, High Top Leather Street Sneakers, Splatoon Inkling Boy Hat, Hair Color Spray, Black Leather Eye Mask, Motorcycle Half Helmet Goggles, and a Backpack Water Gun. Bring along a Squid Plush for your character’s alter ego.

Splatoon Inkling Boy Cosplay Costumes

Inklings, from the Nintendo video game Splatoon, are a great cosplay for anyone to dress up as for any costume event. No need to track down the items you need as we’ve found all costume pieces to get a look just like the Inkling Boy! With a costume this close, you will be able to convince others you’re from Inkopolis. Here’s what you’ll need to cosplay the popular Nintendo character.

To make the Inkling Boy costume wear a long sleeve shirt layered with a short sleeve Splatoon shirt, shorts, and sneakers. Now, you can change the color of your hair with blue colored spray. Once that dries up, put on your black eye-mask and Splatoon hat. Next, suit up with your backpack water gun and goggles. Join forces with the Inkling Girl for even more fun. For even more cosplay inspiration check out all the video game costume guides. And don’t forget to send a picture of your Splatoon Inkling Boy costume for it to be posted in the cosplay gallery!

Splatoon Inkling Boy Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the colorful and dynamic world of “Splatoon” with our Inkling Boy costume guide FAQ. Embrace the energetic and stylish spirit of these squid-human hybrids as we explore your most pressing questions about creating a costume that captures the unique and trendy look of the Inkling characters from this popular Nintendo game.

The Inkling Boy's outfit is known for its urban, street-style look mixed with squid-like features. Essential elements include a colorful, trendy top (like a hoodie or a T-shirt with a fresh design), shorts or slim-fit pants, and bright, high-top sneakers. The costume is characterized by vibrant colors and patterns. A key feature is the tentacle hair, usually in a bright color like blue, green, or pink, which represents the Inkling's squid form.

For the squid-like hair, use a brightly colored wig styled into tentacle shapes, or create a hat with fabric tentacles. The ink tank, a crucial part of the costume, can be crafted from a clear plastic bottle or container, filled with colored liquid (use dyed water) or colored paper to mimic ink. Attach it to the back of the costume with straps.

Choose clothing that reflects the urban, sporty style of the Inklings. Look for tops with bold, bright colors and eye-catching patterns. Pair them with dark shorts or pants. The Inklings are known for their love of flashy and unconventional styles, so feel free to mix and match colors and patterns.

To enhance your Inkling Boy costume, consider adding a replica of the Splatoon weapons, like a splattershot gun made from cardboard or foam. Other accessories could include a pair of sporty sunglasses, a wristband, and a beanie or cap if you're not using a tentacle wig.

While the Inklings in "Splatoon" are not known for speaking in recognizable human language, they express themselves through enthusiastic sounds, gestures, and their iconic catchphrase, "Booyah!" Incorporating "Booyah!" into your interactions while in costume, along with mimicking the Inking Boy's energetic and competitive poses, will add an authentic touch to your portrayal. Additionally, you can use phrases like "Stay fresh!" or engage in team chants and gestures seen in the game to communicate the spirited essence of the Inklings.

About Splatoon Inkling Boy

Inklings are squid-like humanoids that inhabit Inkapolis. The characters appear in the Nintendo video game series Splatoon. Before beginning gameplay, you can choose to be an Inkling Boy or Inkling Girl. Coming to earth after humans were destroyed, they must now fight against the Octarians for control of the remaining land. Other sea creatures like Inklings evolved into the top species on Earth in the game Splatoon.

Inklings are unique in that they don’t have bones and can’t be killed during the game. Once “splatted” by an opponent, the Inkling will return to their body and be ready to continue the adventures! Inklings are also able to switch their appearance between their human body and a Squid while playing the game. Dress up like the Inkling Boy before you get splatted by others.

Splatoon Inkling Boy

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