How to Dress Like Spike Spiegel

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Navy Blue Suit
Black Slim Tie
Yellow Button Down
Black Dress Shoes
Short Hair Wig
Fake Cigarettes

Best Spike Spiegel Costume Guide

Did you know there was such a thing as a space cowboy? Spike Spiegel is the one who goes by that name in the Japanese manga movie and series, Cowboy Bebop. He’s called the cowboy because he’s a bounty hunter who travels through space on his ship, Bebop. Spike is tall, lean, and handsome in appearance as is often seen with a cigarette hanging between his lips. Get the look of the modern day “cowboy” with this Spike Spiegel costume guide.

With a name like Spike Spiegel, you know he’s gotta be one cool dude. Get his suave style for yourself with a black Short Hair Wig, Yellow Button Down shirt, a Navy Blue Suit with a Black Slim Tie, and a pair of Dress Shoes. Of course Spike smokes cigarettes, so grab a pack of Fake Cigarettes and hang one out of your mouth to pull off the cool guy style!

Spike Spiegel Cosplay Costumes

Don’t worry about getting your suit dirty because Spike will do whatever it takes to capture criminals on the run in Cowboy Bebop. Spike’s outfit is stylish but simple—just the way we like them. You don’t have to go out and buy a fancy suit when you can run by a thrift store to get a similar look! Take a look through your closet to see if you have a yellow button-down shirt. If not, that can be found in the thrift store as well. Kick on a pair of dress shoes along with a black tie, and then head over to the costume shop for a black hair wig and some fake cigarettes. That’s all it takes to be the one and only space cowboy!

Spike often gets a lot of help from his friends, so bring your favorite space cadets along to pull off an epic group cosplay! They can dress as Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed, and Ein who are also favorite characters from the Japanese animated series, Cowboy Bebop. Dressed up like Spike Spiegel, along with all of his crewmates, your group will look that’s out of this world.

Spike Spiegel Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the futuristic yet nostalgic world of “Cowboy Bebop” with our Spike Spiegel costume guide FAQ. Embark on a stylish interstellar adventure as we guide you through creating the effortlessly cool look of this iconic space cowboy and bounty hunter.

Spike Spiegel's iconic look is defined by his dark blue suit with a unique yellow shirt underneath, a loose tie, and a pair of brown boots. His suit is slightly disheveled, reflecting his laid-back attitude. The trousers are loose-fitting, and the jacket often appears unbuttoned, enhancing his nonchalant demeanor.

Spike's hair is an important aspect of his character, styled in a messy, wavy fashion, and is dark green in color. His facial features include a sharp jawline and a slight stubble. You can achieve this hairstyle with a wig or by styling your hair with gel or mousse to create that tousled look. For the stubble, you can use makeup or a stippling sponge with dark eyeshadow.

Spike wears a pair of dark brown or black boots that are practical yet stylish. The boots have a slightly worn look, which you can mimic by choosing boots with a rugged or distressed finish. The boots should be comfortable enough for a laid-back stride, reflecting Spike's cool demeanor.

Spike's most notable accessory is his unique pair of round, green-tinted sunglasses, which add to his mysterious and cool persona. Additionally, he occasionally wears a long, flowing overcoat, adding to his dramatic silhouette, especially in action scenes.

Adding some of Spike's memorable quotes to your cosplay can bring an extra layer of authenticity and fun. Here are a few iconic lines: "I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive.," "Whatever happens, happens.," "Bang.," "You're gonna carry that weight." and "I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass." These quotes capture the essence of Spike's character: his philosophical outlook, his cool and collected demeanor, and his sense of humor. Using these quotes can help you embody the spirit of Spike Spiegel in your cosplay.

About Spike Spiegel

Spike is a bounty hunter traveling through space in his ship, Bebop, and with his crew. Spike isn’t the ordinary hero you would expect. He isn’t one to jump up at any job to help out, but if it sounds interesting he will always get the job done. When he’s not working, Spike likes to spend most of his time doing absolutely nothing. He’s usually seen on the Japanese anime series, Cowboy Bebop, laying around inside the ship watching television or reading magazines.

While claiming he doesn’t do his line of work to help people and that it’s strictly business, we can all see through his tough exterior to really see the good guy that he really is. Even when he is harsh to the rest of the crew, he doesn’t mean to hurt anyone and actually truly cares for them. Spike puts on a big game of being tough, but he has fears just like anyone else does.

Spike Spiegel

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