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Spartacus Costume Guide
Spartan Costume
Roman Wrist Guard
Body Armor
Gladiator Sandals
Shield and Sword

Best Spartacus Costume Guide

If you’re walking around with a gladiator built body and are looking to show it off at your next cosplay event, rebel gladiator Spartacus is a perfect specimen to imitate. It doesn’t offer much in the way of coverage but if you’ve got the confidence, follow this costume guide and we’ll have you ready for the arena with 5 easy pieces.

To mirror his style, start with a Spartan Costume. Add Roman Wrist Guards and Body Armor. Then, cap off this look with a pair of Gladiator Sandals and accessorize with a Shield and Sword.

Spartacus Cosplay Costumes

Definitely one of the more sexy cosplay options, the gladiator look of Spartacus leaves very little to the imagination. To find pieces for this costume, we recommend checking out your local costume shop. You can always make purchases online but with the fitted look of this costume, you might want to ensure the best fit by going in person. Sell your look by smearing dirt and fake blood on your face and chest. You’re supposed to kill for living so, best look the part.

For group cosplay, nothing would be more welcomed than a group of scantily clad gladiators. You can choose characters like Crixus and Gannicus right out of the pages of history or if you’re a fan of the show, you can add Asher or Barca to the group. Be sure to check out the featured cosplay pics for more style ideas. Send in your own pics and show us your looks!

About Spartacus

Spartacus was a real figure in history. A Thracian gladiator born in 111 BC, he was an escaped slave leader who played a significant role in the Third Servile War, an uprising against the Roman Republic. He was a seasoned military commander and former gladiator. While little is known historically about Spartacus beyond the documented events of war, Hollywood and television have filled in the gaps with the character they think he might have been.

Naturally, on the side of the downtrodden, Spartacus fought against the injustices imposed upon the slave owners. In a small party numbering no more than 70, Spartacus and his fellow slaves fought their way out of the Ludus near Capua, seizing weapons and armor along the way. For more than two years Spartacus collected followers and warriors to the cause. He was tragically struck down in 71 BC though his body was not found. He remains to this day a symbol of bravery and resistance.


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