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Space Dandy Costume Guide
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Best Space Dandy Halloween Costume Guide

Dandy is the main character in the Japanese animated TV show, Space Dandy. As the captain of his own spaceship, the Aloha Oe, Dandy leads his crew on his personal quest to visit every BooBies restaurant in the galaxy.

Technically he is also an alien hunter, however as a sort of anti-hero character, he is not terribly skilled in this field, often being depicted as an incompetent captain who manages to get out of trouble through sheer luck rather than talent.

To capture the look of this foolish yet loveable space captain, you will need some ID Dog Tags, Men’s Rock n Roll Wig, Letterman Jacket, Tagless T-Shirt, Dandy Prop Gun, Khaki Slim Pants, and some Costume Cosplay Boots.

Space Dandy Cosplay Costumes

While not a character you’d play for a kid’s party, Space Dandy is a super cool one for adults to enjoy. Dandy’s sometimes lazy, always arrogant and often boorish personality doesn’t match that of his flashy outfit, so you can definitely have a lot of fun with this one.

With Space Dandy starting to develop a bit of a following in the US, you’d probably be a big hit at Comic-Con in this costume. Especially if you dragged some friends along dressed as his robot friend QT, his contact at the Alien Registration Center, Honey, or even Meow – Dandy’s long-suffering side-kick.

Just don’t treat your friends as badly as Dandy treats his, or you’ll be walking home from Comic-Con alone!

About Space Dandy

Dandy is an alien hunter, and captain of his own ship, the Aloha Oe. While he hunts aliens with the goal of being rewarded for turning them into the Alien Registration Center, his real passion lies with his other lifelong quest – he wants to visit every BooBies restaurant in the galaxy.

Dandy is the classic anti-hero. He has limited skills as a captain and alien hunter but often manages to get himself out of tight situations through sheer luck. He is also happy to sacrifice his friends to save himself.

Dandy’s crew consists of QT, a robot who is damaged in his own way, and while Dandy often assigns him the menial tasks aboard the ship, he does care for the robot. Meow, on the other hand, is a Betelguesian who Dandy finds taking lewd photos of BooBies waitresses and mistakes him for an unregistered alien species. Their relationship during the show can best be described as love/hate – perhaps more on the ‘hate’ side.

Space Dandy

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