How to Dress Like Space Cop

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Lightweight Fleece Sweatshirt
Solid Puffer Vest
Aviator Sunglasses
Tech Touch Gloves
Canvas Web Belt
SWAT Helmet
Shoulder Pads
Work Pants
Shin Guards
Broadcloth Fabric
Jungle Boot
Toy Rifle

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The film Space Cop was released in 2016 as a sci-fi action comedy revolving around a police officer of the future in outer space! The cop from the future travels back in time to the present and teams up with a cop from the past who is unfrozen in the present. You’ll get a kick out of Space Cop’s hilarious characters, production style, and cheap-looking costumes! Space Cop thinks he is taken seriously, but that’s not always possible with his goofy police uniform. Get Space Cop’s hilarious costume with this costume guide.

Cosplay Space Cop’s uniform with a Lightweight Fleece Sweatshirt, Solid Puffer Vest, Shoulder Pads, Work Pants, Shin Guards, and Jungle Boots. Add a touch of flare to Space Cop’s uniform with a pair of Aviator Sunglasses, a SWAT Helmet, Canvas Web Belt, Tech Touch Gloves, and Toy Rifle. Finally, get some Yellow Broadcloth Fabric to cut out and create the iconic star shape to stick to your chest.

Space Cop Cosplay Costumes

Fun and cheesy costumes often make for the best cosplay, especially for Halloween! Space Cop is about as silly as you can get, and if his personality doesn’t show that, his costume certainly will! You can grab a few of the items to recreate this look like a sweatshirt, work pants, puffer vest, boots, and sunglasses from a local retail store. Try shopping at a costume shop for the SWAT helmet, toy gun, and web belt. For any of the remaining items, you can order the rest online to get the exact look of Space Cop!

In the movie, Space Cop, left the future to come back to present day to save the day, but it didn’t do it on his own! Grab a few of friends to save the planet with characters from the movie like Detective Ted Cooper, Zorba, Agnon, or Grigg! Want others to see how awesome your costume is? Send us a picture of your Space Cop look to be featured in the costume gallery!

Space Cop Costume Tips & FAQs

Blast off into a world of intergalactic law enforcement with our costume guide FAQ for Space Cop, the titular character from the science fiction film “Space Cop.” Known for his unique blend of futuristic space attire and traditional police elements, Space Cop’s outfit is a humorous and distinctive take on the sci-fi genre. This guide is designed to help you recreate Space Cop’s memorable look, perfect for fans of the film and those who appreciate a fun, sci-fi themed costume.

Space Cop's costume is a mix of classic police uniform elements and futuristic sci-fi gear. Key components include a police-style shirt, typically in blue or black, adorned with badges or patches that reflect his interstellar jurisdiction. He wears a traditional police belt with futuristic gadgets and weapons. Space Cop's look is completed with a space helmet or a visor, often resembling those used by astronauts, and a pair of rugged space boots. His outfit might also include a distinctive badge or insignia that sets him apart as a space-faring law enforcer.

To replicate Space Cop's gear, start with a basic police-style shirt and pants. Add patches or badges that have a sci-fi twist to them. For the futuristic gadgets, you can use toy props or create your own from craft materials to mimic space-age technology. The space helmet or visor can be a modified astronaut helmet or a custom-made piece using plastic and reflective materials.

Essential accessories for a Space Cop costume include a utility belt equipped with various gadgets and futuristic tools. Add a toy laser gun or blaster as his weapon of choice. Space Cop's helmet or visor is also crucial, as it adds to the sci-fi aspect of the costume. If possible, include gloves and arm guards to complete the space law enforcement look.

Yes, you can create a DIY version of Space Cop's badge or insignia. Use craft materials like foam, plastic, or metal to design a badge that combines traditional police symbols with sci-fi elements. Paint it in metallic colors to give it an authentic space law enforcement feel. Attach it prominently to the shirt or helmet.

Including quotes or traits from Space Cop can add depth to your portrayal. Some memorable aspects include: "I'm from the future. In space.," and "I'm a cop from the future. I need space gadgets." Emphasizing Space Cop's unique blend of traditional police attitude and futuristic unawareness will add humor and authenticity to your portrayal at cosplay events or themed parties.

About Space Cop

Space Cop spends most of his time saving lives and protecting the galaxy, as you would assume by his name! When aliens strike Earth in the present day, Space Cop leaves the future and heads back to save the present day from an alien invasion. Don’t expect others to take him too seriously, this guy has an off-the-wall kind of humor!

Since Space Cop is from the future, he needed someone to come from the past to help him with their combined mission of saving the present day. Detective Ted Cooper was frozen but thawed for this specific task. The two worked together to stop the aliens from destroying the universe and saving history and the future. What the two didn’t expect were the troubles and obstacles they came across by finding out how to live during a time that isn’t her own!

Space Cop

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