How to Dress Like Soos Ramirez

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Soos Ramirez Costume Guide
Falari Brown Baseball Cap
Khaki Lees Dungarees Cargo Short
Gravity Falls Soos Question Mark T Shirt
Fruit of the Loom Ankle Crew Socks
TOMS Classic Canvas Slip-on

Best Soos Ramirez Costume Guide

Soos Ramirez from Gravity Falls makes the perfect costume if you’re looking for something easy but also recognizable. Soos is the local man-child of Gravity Falls, and he loves his job at the Mystery Shack. Although he’s an adult, Soos loves to go on adventures and explore the creepy things that happen around Gravity Falls.

Putting together a perfect Soos Ramirez costume should take no time at all. All you’ll need is a pair of khaki Lees Dungarees cargo shorts, Fruit of the Loom ankle crew socks, TOMS classic canvas slip-ons, and a Gravity Falls Soos question mark t-shirt. Add a Falari brown baseball cap, and you’re ready to go.

Soos Ramirez Cosplay Costumes

Dress up as Soos Ramirez for your next cosplay convention, and you’ll be the most lovable guy in Gravity Falls. Fans will instantly recognize your question mark Mystery Shack t-shirt, and your brown baseball cap will totally make the costume. Embrace Soos’ dorky personality by wearing some khaki cargo shorts and tall white socks. Who knows what paranormal mysteries you’ll discover in this costume?

Cosplaying with a group? There are plenty of Gravity Falls characters to go around. Have your friends dress up as Mabel and Dipper Pines, or get someone to cosplay as Wendy Corduroy. If you want to arrive at your convention or party with the whole Mystery Shack crew, make sure you bring a Grunkle Stan. Check out these Soos Ramirez cosplayers whenever you need inspiration for your costume.

About Soos Ramirez

Jesus Alzamirano Ramirez, better known as “Soos,” lives in Gravity Falls, Oregon. He started working at the Mystery Shack as the handyman when he was twelve years old. Soos is often called a man-child because of his youthful, silly personality. He loves his job at the Mystery Shack, and he’s very loyal to the shop’s owner, Stan. Unlike most of the other adults in Gravity Falls, Soos believes that there are strange, paranormal forces at work in town.

Soos is good friends with Mabel and Dipper Pines, and he often joins them on their adventures. Soos and Mabel bond over their shared love of goofing around, and Soos enjoys spending time with Dipper, despite the fact that he tends to get on Dipper’s nerves. Because Soos believes in the paranormal activity occurring around Gravity Falls, the children often go to him for advice. Even though Soos can act quite childish, he is actually very intelligent.

Soos Ramirez

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