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Sombra is a damage hero in the popular team-based multiplayer video game, Overwatch. Real name Olivia Colomar, Sombra is known to be one of the world’s most notorious hackers. She uses the information she gathers from hacking to blackmail and manipulate those in authority. Her primary skills are computer hacking and cryptography. She finds both joy and fulfillment in these nefarious activities. Sombra is also a known associate of Reaper, another damage hero from Overwatch. You can often find her equipped with devices that make her job more accessible such as technology that enables hacking through physical contact.

Get the look of the hacking heroine with this Sombra costume guide. You don’t need exceptional computer skills to look like Sombra. You need to follow this guide by wearing a Sombra bodysuit and jacket, white heeled boots, and a black and purple wig. Don’t forget to carry a toy gun to complete the look.

Sombra Cosplay Costumes

Sombra, personality-wise, is a lone wolf. She often likes to keep to herself and has a hard time making friends. Before she assumed the alias of Sombra, she was born and brought up as Olivia Colomar. She was one of the thousands of children orphaned after the Omnic Crisis, a rebellion of the Omnics against their human creators that was later considered to be a world war. Growing up with barely anything or anyone, she survived the harsh reality of her life by using her natural gift with computers to manipulating people for her wants and needs. She was later taken in by Mexico’s Los Muertos gang where she helped shape its self-styled revolution against the government through hacking.

Sombra’s look is distinct and fun because it’s both intimidating and colorful. You can go to a costume party or plan one yourself. Invite your Overwatch-loving friends and have them dress up as their favorite characters too. There are plenty to choose from: Tracer, McCree, Ashe, Cruiser D.Va, Brigitte Lindholm, and more.

Sombra Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the high-tech world of “Overwatch” with our Sombra costume guide FAQ. Embrace the cyberpunk essence of this enigmatic and skilled hacker as we guide you through the essentials of replicating her iconic look, known for its vibrant colors and futuristic style.

Sombra's costume is a striking mix of cyberpunk and futuristic elements. Key components include a dark bodysuit with purple and cyan accents, a purple cybernetic arm, and a short, asymmetrical jacket with a high collar. Her look is completed with thigh-high boots and fingerless gloves. Accessories like her hacking devices and a light-up eye piece add to her high-tech hacker persona.

Sombra sports a distinctive hairstyle with an undercut and long hair on top, dyed in an ombre style transitioning from black to bright purple. To achieve this look, consider using a wig that replicates her hairstyle and color. If styling your own hair, you'll need to dye it accordingly and style it in a sharp, angular fashion to match her edgy look.

For Sombra's bodysuit, look for a form-fitting suit in black with purple and cyan accents, resembling her in-game model. The suit should be sleek and have a futuristic feel. Her jacket is short, dark, and asymmetrical with a high collar. Use lightweight materials like leather or faux leather for the jacket to give it the right texture and appearance.

Key accessories for a Sombra costume include her purple cybernetic arm, which can be replicated with body paint, prosthetics, or a custom sleeve. Additionally, create or find props like her hacking devices and a light-up eye piece to enhance the futuristic hacker vibe. Fingerless gloves and thigh-high boots are also essential to complete her look.

Adding quotes from Sombra will bring more authenticity to your portrayal. Some notable lines include: "Everything can be hacked... and everyone.," "I'm guessing there's no chance we can take care of this quietly, is there?," "You're just a glitch in the system." and "Where's the fun in playing fair?" These lines capture Sombra's playful yet cunning personality, making your costume not just a visual representation but a true embodiment of the character's spirit.

About Sombra

Olivia Colomar’s transition to Sombra began when she stumbled upon a global conspiracy. It was so big that she was forced to go into hiding and erase all traces of her identity. Later on, she received a cybernetic graft that allowed her to be a “human computer.” With access to these new abilities, she re-emerged as Sombra. As a game character, stealth and debilitating attacks make her a potent initiator. Her hacking can often disrupt her enemies, making them easier to take out. She also can translocate and camouflage herself, making her a harder target to attack by enemies.

Her ultimate game ability is called EMP. It allows her to discharge her energy and create a blast radius around herself. Any enemy that is affected by the blast will be hacked and cannot use any of their abilities for five full seconds. This EMP ability also destroys any barrier an enemy might have and shields her from all targets, even Symmetra’s Teleporter.


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