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Short Straight Sliver Cosplay Wig
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Best Soldier: 76 Costume Guide

The vigilante is known simply as Soldier: 76 from the Blizzard Entertainment game, Overwatch is a great cosplay option for any convention. Armed with an experimental pulse rifle along with the skill and speed of a highly trained warrior, Soldier: 76 is determined to expose the truth behind Overwatch’s collapse. Follow this complete costume guide to cosplay the character seeking Justice in Overwatch.

Cosplay this vigilante with an authentic Soldier 76 Costume and a Short Straight Silver Cosplay Wig. Accessorize the look with a Soldier 76 Gun, Face Mask Helmet, Pistol Belt, and a Spring Air Pistol.

Soldier: 76 Cosplay Costumes

Soldier: 76 is a bit of commitment to cosplay but well worth the effort. You can order an authentic costume from an online costume shop or eBay if you want to save some money. You can also order the Soldier: 76 mask and weapons from similar places, but you may have better luck finding those individual pieces in an actual costume shop.

To pull off the silvery hair, you can either purchase a wig online or from a costume shop to ensure a better fit. You also have the option of spraying on silver hair color. For group cosplay, you can include other Overwatch game characters like D.Va, Tracer, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Mercy, and Winston. We welcome you to submit your pictures as well, show everyone your best Soldier: 76 cosplay!

Soldier: 76 Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up for an action-packed experience with our Soldier: 76 costume guide FAQ, inspired by the popular character from Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. As a formidable and seasoned warrior, Soldier: 76 is known for his tactical mind, combat skills, and iconic appearance. This guide will help fans and cosplayers replicate Soldier: 76’s distinctive look, perfect for those who wish to embody the character’s strength and determination.

Soldier: 76's costume is a combination of a futuristic soldier and a vigilante. Key components include a tactical jacket with red, white, and black detailing, a cybernetic visor, and utility gloves. His outfit also consists of combat boots and pants with armor-like padding. The costume is characterized by its military-style design with a futuristic twist.

To create Soldier: 76's jacket, start with a base of a black tactical or motorcycle jacket. Add red and white detailing using fabric paint or patches. For the armor elements, use lightweight materials like foam or plastic, painted and shaped to mimic the armor's appearance in the game.

Soldier: 76's visor is a distinctive aspect of his look. Use a tinted blue transparent material for the visor and attach it to a headband or a helmet base. LED lights can be added for a glowing effect, similar to the character's in-game appearance.

Soldier: 76 is known for his heavy pulse rifle. A replica of this rifle, which can be made from materials like foam, plastic, or 3D-printed components, is a crucial accessory for the costume. Additionally, including small props like dog tags can add to the authenticity.

To fully embrace the character of Soldier: 76, include some of his iconic lines and actions, such as: "We're all soldiers now.," "I've got you in my sights.," "I'm not a young man anymore." and "What are you looking at?." These quotes and actions reflect Soldier: 76's military background, his strategic approach to combat, and his gruff demeanor, making them ideal for a convincing portrayal.

About Soldier: 76

A hero in the popular game Overwatch, Soldier: 76 is an older military man which is evidenced by his crabby demeanor and complaints about his age. A highly skilled fighter, he is armed with advanced weaponry and is just as quick with it than without. He is a vigilante with a desire to bring down his enemies in the name of justice. He has been known to go to extremes to track down criminals.

Soldier: 76 is brave and determined, but beneath his gruff exterior he has a kind heart. He cares more about saving the innocent than defeating his enemies. He has been known to let enemies get away if it meant saving an innocent life. Despite his grumblings, he misses fighting side-by-side with his Overwatch team. He may not agree that bringing back Overwatch is a good idea, but he believes in their worth and will occasionally compliment their skill.

Soldier: 76

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