How to Dress Like Smoky Quartz

Female TV Shows
Brown Wig
Steven Universe Star Tank Top
Pink Sleeveless Tank Top
Flexible Mannequin Hand
Denim Shorts
Spandex Leggings
Purple Metallic Glitter Star Stickers
Flat Back Brown Smoky Topaz
Dark Purple Wedge Pump

Best Smoky Quartz Costume Guide

Calling all fans of Fusion! Smoky Quartz from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe show is a happy-go-lucky mix of Amethyst and the main character Steven Universe. By following this costume guide, you’ll see how to pull off her daring look. Start with the small stuff. Chose a Brown Wig and a Flexible Mannequin Hand to use for her third hand. Find Purple Metallic Glitter Star Stickers and a Flat Back Brown Smoky Topaz for accessories.

For the clothing, dress up in a Steven Universe Star Tank Top and a Pink Sleeveless Tank Top. You’ll need a pair of Denim Shorts worn over Spandex Leggings. Then, cap off the look with Dark Purple Wedge Pumps.

Smoky Quartz Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for an easy cosplay option from the animated show Steven Universe, you chose the right character. Smoky Quartz’s signature look is easy to pull off with clothing you probably already have or could easily pick up with a quick stop at a craft store. You’ll need two cropped tank tops—one red, the other white. You can cut them yourself. While you can glue Steven’s signature yellow star in the middle of your red tank, you can also go the extra mile and purchase some yellow felt to cut the star out.

While you’re in the craft section, pick up a stick-on gem for your belly button. Finish with silver star stickers. Add denim shorts with a pair of black stockings or leggings underneath, mess up your hair, and voila! You’re Smoky Quartz! For groups, you can add Steven Universe and Amethyst separately, as well as include any of the other gems like Jasper, Garnet, or Blue Pearl. Check out the featured cosplay pics for even more ideas! We also welcome your pics for posting as well!

Smoky Quartz Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the magical world of fusion with our costume guide for Smoky Quartz, the combined form of Steven Universe and Amethyst from the beloved animated series “Steven Universe.” Known for their playful demeanor, unique abilities, and distinct look, Smoky Quartz’s style is a harmonious blend of Steven’s and Amethyst’s characteristics. This guide will help you recreate Smoky Quartz’s appearance, perfect for cosplay events, comic conventions, or any occasion celebrating the creativity and heart of “Steven Universe.”

Smoky Quartz's outfit is a fusion of Steven's and Amethyst's styles. Key components include a dark mauve, sleeveless top with a star in the center and a black, torn, midriff tank top over it, resembling Steven's shirt and Amethyst's outfit. They wear dark mauve shorts with a black waistband and black, fingerless gloves. Smoky Quartz's look is completed with their brownish-pink skin, voluminous hair with bangs, and three arms on each side.

Smoky Quartz has voluminous, curly, brownish-pink hair with bangs, slightly resembling Amethyst's hairstyle. To achieve this look, use a curly wig in a similar color and style it to have fullness and volume. Ensure the bangs are prominent and playful, capturing their energetic nature.

Smoky Quartz is typically barefoot, reflecting their free-spirited and natural persona. If footwear is necessary, opt for minimalist shoes or sandals that are unobtrusive and maintain the barefoot appearance.

A key accessory for Smoky Quartz is their yo-yo, which is their weapon and a symbol of their playful character. Creating a prop yo-yo that matches the color and style seen in the series will add authenticity to the costume.

Smoky Quartz is known for their upbeat and humorous personality. Here are some actions and phrases to consider: "I think a rose quartz and an amethyst make a... Smoky Quartz!," "It's okay to think about it!," "Fun fact about me: I don't poof!" and "Let's get this party rolling!." These quotes and actions capture Smoky Quartz's cheerful demeanor and their fusion's unique traits, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Smoky Quartz

Funky fusion gem Smoky Quartz from the Cartoon Network television show Steven Universe is a fine combination of Amethyst and Steven. This combo enables her to adopt both of their personalities. She is chipper and carefree, but funny and laid back. Even in the midst of battle, she is known to crack jokes at times at her expense. Due to the complete trust between them, they are confident in battle and a stable fusion in general.

On the flip side, she can also be plagued by self-doubt. When under an undue amount of stress or deep emotion, the doubt defuses. Asked to find a fighting style outside their use of a yo-yo, Smoky loses confidence and fails miserably. Smoky Quartz has standard gem traits and abilities that include fusion, weapon summoning, and shapeshifting. Smoky also has four signature moves with her weapon of choice—a yo-yo.

Smoky Quartz

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