How to Dress Like Skullomania

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Skullomania Costume Guide
Skeleton Man Bone Skin Suit
Self-Adhesive Removable Letters
Extra Long Fleece Scarf
Leather Welder Gloves
Leg Holster Thigh Pistol Gun
Plain Toe Knee Boots

Best Skullomania Costume Guide

Skullomania is a playable character from the popular Street Fighter EX video game series. Saburo Nishikoyama was just an ordinary salesman that was forced to appear in a performance at a department store. While dressing up for the performance, a passion rose up in him that pushed him to become a vigilante crime fighter adopting the name of Skullomania. To prepare for this, he began to compete against top-ranked martial artists from around the world. Dress up like the superhero with a skeleton appearance with this Skullomania costume guide.

Cosplay Skullomania by getting into a Skeleton Man Bone Skin Suit. Then, grab a pack of Self-Adhesive Removable Letters. From the pack, find the letter “S” and stick it on your forehead. Next, wear a pair of Leather Welder Gloves and Plain Toe Knee Boots for added protection. Wrap an Extra Long Fleece Scarf around your neck for some extra swagger. Finally, equip yourself with a Leg Holster Thigh Pistol Gun to attack your enemies! Now ready to fight some crime and K.O. your opponents!

Skullomania Cosplay Costumes

In addition to adopting the name of Skullomania, this street fighter started wearing a black suit with a skeleton embossed on it to further conceal his identity. But as a vigilante fighting crime, Skullomania is one of the top fighters in the Street Fighter EX series. This skeleton identity of Saburo Nishikoyama is perfect for Halloween. Why not heat things up a bit by making your cosplay a group cosplay? Invite your friends to the party and ask them to dress up as their favorite video game characters.

Since you’re thinking about cosplaying fighters, your friends can dress up as their favorite fighters from similar games like Mortal Kombat. Some great cosplay options are Ryu, Sagat, Guile, Scorpion, Raiden, and Kurtis Stryker. You and your friends could have the most awesome cosplay no matter the event. Just remember to submit a picture to Costume Wall after you follow this Skullomania cosplay guide.

About Skullomania

Skullomania from the Street Fighter EX video game series wasn’t always the street fighter you know today. He actually had an average and uneventful past until one event completely changed his life. One day the department store where he worked decided to do a hero show for its customers. Saburo Nishikoyama, already under pressure from his abysmal performance as a salesman, decided to perform in front of the audience in hopes of proving his worth his boss.

But something unexpected happened. The moment he caught the audience’s attention with his act, an inexplicably urge was born inside. The urge to become a crime-fighting superhero. As a result, he quit his job and decided to become a masked vigilante, assuming the identity of Skullomania. He now battles the greatest martial artists in the world, competing head-to-head to prove he is a superior fighter.


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