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Best Sir Pendergast Costume Guide

Sir Pendergast is a character from Matt Groening’s Netflix animated series Disenchantment. Though not expressly stated, he appears to be the leader and most skilled warrior of the Knights of the Zog Table. These are King Zog’s knights and warriors of Dreamland. Sir Pendergast’s services to King Zog aren’t precise, but he has been on several quests. For example, he was sent by Princess Bean to retrieve Elfo’s fake girlfriend wherein he had to travel over the Unpassable mountains and capture a giant named Tess who fit the description invented by Elfo.

Get the look of the leader of Dreamland’s knights with the best Sir Pendergast costume guide. To dress like this noble knight, you will need a Knight’s tunic, steel pauldrons, steel leg armor, chain mail leggings, a leather belt, leather gauntlet gloves, and an eye patch.

Sir Pendergast Cosplay Costumes

Sir Pendergast is known to be a righteous and sarcastic personality. He may follow orders well, but as the unproclaimed leader of the Knights of the Zog’s Table he tends to be quite careless, often sending his knights to their death. What’s worse is that he shows no remorse whatsoever when these careless deaths take place. An example is when Mortimer the Expendable was killed in the Cave of the Single Trap. This was a cave that Sir Pendergast himself deemed as safe to enter. By the name itself, it was laid out with a trap, leading to Mortimer’s untimely death.

Nevertheless, Sir Pendergast is a fun character to cosplay. It’s not everyday you can dress up as a knight with an eye patch. In fact, invite your friends and turn your Sir Pendergast costume into a group cosplay. Characters like King Zog, Princess Bean, Elfo, or Queen Oona would be perfect to accompy you.

Sir Pendergast Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey into the magical and mischievous world of “Disenchantment” with our dedicated costume guide FAQ, this time focusing on the valiant and honorable character, Sir Pendergast. As a distinguished knight of Dreamland, Sir Pendergast’s costume is a blend of medieval valor and fantasy. Our guide is tailored to help you assemble the perfect ensemble to embody this gallant figure, ideal for fans looking to cosplay or simply celebrate the character.

Sir Pendergast's attire is that of a classic medieval knight. Key components include a metallic armor breastplate, chainmail-like sleeves, a blue surcoat with a lion crest, a metal helmet (often with a blue plume), gauntlets, and dark pants tucked into knee-high boots. The armor and blue surcoat with the lion emblem are crucial for an authentic look.

For Sir Pendergast's armor, you can look for costume armor pieces made of lightweight materials like plastic or foam, which are often available at costume stores. These can be painted silver to mimic the look of real metal. For a more DIY approach, craft foam is a versatile material that can be shaped and painted to create custom armor pieces.

Sir Pendergast's blue surcoat is adorned with a lion crest. You can either find a similar pre-made surcoat or create your own by sewing or attaching a lion crest patch to a plain blue surcoat. The crest is central to the character's identity as a knight of Dreamland.

Sir Pendergast's helmet is a traditional medieval knight's helmet, often with a blue plume on top. If you can't find a helmet with a plume, you can add one using blue feathers or dyed fabric. The helmet should also have a visor that can be lifted or is open to reveal the face.

Sir Pendergast, while not as vocal as some characters, still has memorable lines that reflect his chivalrous and duty-bound nature. Some examples include: “For the honor of Dreamland!,” “A knight’s duty is never done.," "Stand back, for I shall protect thee!,” “To battle, for glory and honor!” and “Fear not, for I am here!.” These quotes embody the essence of Sir Pendergast’s character as a noble and brave knight, making your cosplay more dynamic and engaging.

About Sir Pendergast

While Sir Pendergast is more of a background character in the Netflix animated series Disenchantment, he is seen in a number of scenes. Most notably leading men into attacks, battles, or quests. He was, for example, sent with Prince Merkimer, Mertz, and Turbish to return Princess Bean after she ran away from Dreamland. He also led the Crusade to find the Eternity Pendant. The Eternity Pendant is the only receptacle capable of creating and containing the Elixir of Life. The Elixir of Life is something King Zog is passionately trying to obtain in order to resurrect his deceased wife.

Sir Pendergast was also ordered to lead the attack on Elfwood, a magical elf village that is located in the Enchanted Forest. The goal of the attack on Elfwood was to capture an elf for their magic blood. The quest, however, failed because of Elfo and Princess Bean’s involvement. Sadly, one of the Knights did manage to kill Elfo. Sir Pendergast is also known to have a crush on Princess Bean and has expressed his intention to court her. However, it seems that Princess Bean is not interested.

Sir Pendergast

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