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Sid Philips is the main antagonist of the original Disney Pixar animated movie, Toy Story. He is the only human character in the film who knows that the toys are alive. He loves destroying and torturing toys, and the evidence can be seen by his toys. Most have parts missing or have parts grafted to other toys. He wears a shirt with a cartoon-like skull design. In addition to actively destroying toys, Sid enjoys skateboarding. When he witnessed toys coming to life and his turning against him to rescue Buzz Lightyear, Sid developed a fear of toys.

Get the look of the destructive skater boy with this Sid from Toy Story costume guide. Get suited up as Sid with a Sid Skull T-Shirt, Levi Jeans, Converse Sneakers, and Fake Braces. Bring along some toys that you’re ready to dismember like a Woody Action Figure and a Buzz Lightyear Action Figure!

Sid Cosplay Costumes

Sid is the bratty 11-year old skater punk in Toy Story who gets his kicks terrorizing his little sister Hannah. He steals her toys and uses them for his “experiments.” These experiments include operations he performs on them by mixing and matching parts between various toys. Sid took Hannah’s Janie Doll and replaced its head with a toy pterodactyl. As if he was a mad scientist. He’s also known to burn the toys and even make them explode. When the toys turned on him to rescue Buzz, Sid had a change of heart and promised never to hurt a toy ever again. Apart from this, the rest of Sid’s attitude remains the same.

The Sid costume makes for an excellent Toy Story cosplay option. It’s so good; you could wear his gear any day! The skull t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers are everyday clothing staples. Along with the clothes, you only need a skateboard to complete Sid’s look!

About Sid

The character of Sid Phillips was said to be inspired by a former Pixar employee. This employee’s hobby was to take toys apart and use the parts for building strange figures. Sid’s backpack has “Julie Mcbarfle has cooties” written on it. The name was referring to the editorial and camera manager Julie McDonald, who kept asking art director Ralph Eggleston to put her name somewhere in the movie.

During production, Sid was given the nickname “Little Jack Nicholson,” in reference to the actor. Interestingly, the rug pattern in Sid’s house is the same as the pattern in the Overlook Hotel from the movie The Shining, which stars Jack Nicholson. Sid also made an appearance in the film short Woody’s Nightmares. Sid appeared in Woody’s nightmare, swapping the heads of Buzz and Wood and evilly laughing while doing it. Sid’s behavior is a throwback to him swapping the heads of the Janie Doll and the pterodactyl.


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