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Red Hooded Cape
Shy Guy Mask
Purple Scrub Pant
Military Web Belt
Purple Vans Shoes

Best Shy Guy Costume Guide

Shy Guys first appeared as an enemy to Super Mario in the popular Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros. 2. They wear their signature mask due to their shyness. Since their first appearance, they reappeared in many Nintendo games since. The faceless guys become obstacles and downright enemies of Super Mario and his brother Luigi. Though Shy Guys appear to be very cute, they are deadly all the same. Cosplay the Mario’s enemies with this Shy Guy costume guide.

Cosplay one of the Shy Guys with a Red Hooded Cape, Purple Scrub Pants, Military Web Belt, Purple Van Shoes, and a Shy Guy Mask. You decide if the Shy Guys are extremely creepy or completely adorable!

Shy Guy Cosplay Costumes

The Shy Guys may be out to defeat Italian plumber brothers Mario and Luigi, but you’re the one that’s going to crush this look! Jump right into to get the look of this notorious enemy from the Super Mario Bros. video games! All of the costumes pieces can be easily found. Your costume shop items are going to be the red hooded cape, military belt, and Shy Guy mask. The rest of the items should be easy at just about any local store, but don’t worry! All of these items can be easily ordered online following this Shy Guide cosplay guide!

Dressing up like Shy Guy is the perfect opportunity to put together a group cosplay! You could get some of your friends to tag along as more Shy Guys since they usually travel in packs, or have them dress up as Mario, Luigi, and Toad! Whatever video game characters you decide to dress up as, send us a picture of your completed look to be posted on Costume Wall!

Shy Guy Costume Tips & FAQs

Join the whimsical world of the Mushroom Kingdom as Shy Guy, the mysterious and enigmatic character from “Super Mario Bros. 2.” Our Shy Guy costume guide FAQ is here to help you capture the playful yet secretive nature of this iconic character, perfect for gaming conventions, cosplay events, or themed parties.

Shy Guy's outfit is distinct yet straightforward. The most crucial element is the mask, which is white with black eye holes and a simple, round mouth. It typically has a small, triangular protrusion on top. The rest of the costume includes a loose, long-sleeve robe or tunic in red (or other colors, depending on the Shy Guy variation) with white cuffs and a brown belt. Completing the costume are blue pants and brown shoes. The overall look should be simple and cartoonish, capturing Shy Guy's playful character design.

To create Shy Guy's mask, you can either use a plain white mask and customize it with black paint or markers for the eyes and mouth or make a mask using craft materials like cardboard or foam. The mask should cover your entire face and be comfortable to wear. Remember to add the small triangular detail on the top.

A red robe or tunic with long sleeves is ideal for Shy Guy's body. The robe should be loose-fitting and comfortable. Add white cuffs to the sleeves for authenticity. Wear blue pants underneath the robe or tunic to match Shy Guy's appearance in the games. A brown belt around the waist helps to complete the look.

Apart from the mask and robe, brown shoes are an important part of the costume. They should be simple and in a style similar to Shy Guy's. Additionally, carrying a prop like a toy spear can reference Shy Guy's role as one of Bowser's minions.

To bring your Shy Guy cosplay to life, consider mimicking some of his typical actions and poses: Stand with a shy and timid posture, often with hands behind your back or to the sides., Prove with small, hesitant steps, reflecting Shy Guy's cautious nature., If you're in a group, mimic the synchronized movements often seen in the games. For a playful touch, pretend to chase after or run away from other "Super Mario Bros." characters and Strike a pose holding a prop, like a spear, as if ready for action but still maintaining a shy demeanor. These actions and poses capture the essence of Shy Guy's character, making your portrayal both authentic and entertaining.

About Shy Guy

Shy Guys are the little guys running around on the Super Mario Bros. video games with red hooded capes that try to stop Mario from accomplishing his goals! The Shy Guys started out as minor Nintendo characters, and soon became enemies of the popular Italian plumbers. The Shy Guys can even be spotted on go-karts as a playable character in the Nintendo video game, Mario Kart.

Shy Guys first appeared as minions to the enemies throughout the Super Mario Bros. games. Soon they grew into their own masters and attempted to defeat Mario every chance they got. Despite their bad wrap, they aren’t always bad because you can catch the Shy Guys on a team with Yoshi like in the game Mario Super Sluggers. Shy Guys never show their face due to their shyness, keeping them a mystery as to what they look like under their masks. Luigi is the only person who knows what they look like.

Shy Guy

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