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Best Short Round Costume Guide

Short Round, played by Jonathan Ke Quan, is the young Asian boy who appeared in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. At the Gung Ho Bar in 1935, Short Round attempted to pickpocket Dr. Jones but was trapped instead by Indy’s trademark bullwhip. Instead of turning Short Round over to the authorities, Dr. Jones introduced Short Round to his friend Wu Han and Shorty to become one of Indy’s contacts in Shanghai. Jones and Short Round shared many adventures together. Short Round was both loyal and protective of Jones, willing to risk his own life to defend his friend.

Cosplay Short Round for your next costume event turning yourself into this young, quick-witted kid with some slick moves. Get dressed in a Baseball Cap, Tai Chi Kung Fu Jacket, Men’s Jersey Tank, Cargo Pants, Men’s Loafers, and an Indiana Jones Leather Whip.

Short Round Cosplay Costumes

Chinese born in Shanghai, Short Round was introduced to American culture and was taught additional survival skills by Indy as his capable assistant. Dr. Jones even taught him how to drive despite his young age. As such, he served as a driver for Dr. Jones and Wu Han while the men were in Shanghai trying to exchange Nurhachi’s ashes for the Peacock’s Eye from gangster Lao Che. One night on the trail, Short Round actually beat Dr. Jones at poker, however, both accused each other of cheating!

The camaraderie between Short Round and Indiana Jones was a true bond of friendship. Cosplaying Short Round together with Dr. Indiana Jones should be an exciting adventure in and of itself whenever the next cosplay opportunity presents itself!

Short Round Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a thrilling adventure by dressing up as Short Round from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”. Our Short Round costume guide FAQ is designed to help you replicate the look of Indiana Jones’ young, spirited sidekick. Whether for a costume party or a fan event, this guide will ensure you capture Short Round’s memorable and endearing style.

Short Round's outfit is recognizable yet simple. It includes a grey baseball cap, a short-sleeve light blue shirt, and a dark brown leather jacket. He also wears baggy, high-waisted khaki pants, held up by a fabric belt, and a pair of worn-in, brown shoes.

For Short Round's cap, look for a grey baseball cap, preferably a bit worn to match his adventurous lifestyle. His dark brown leather jacket should be slightly oversized, as it appears a bit large for him in the film. If an exact match isn't available, any similar brown jacket can be modified or worn as is.

Short Round's pants are high-waisted, baggy khaki pants, typical of the 1930s style. They should be secured with a simple, fabric belt. His shoes are basic, brown, and well-worn, suggesting the many adventures he has been on. Any comfortable brown shoes will work well for this.

A key accessory for Short Round is his fabric belt, used to hold up his oversized pants. Additionally, he is often seen with a side bag or satchel, which can be added for authenticity. Including a baseball glove or a New York Yankees logo on the cap (if appropriate) can be a nice touch.

Short Round is known for his witty and brave remarks. Some memorable quotes include: "Hey, Dr. Jones, no time for love!," "Very funny. You cheat, Dr. Jones, you cheat!," "I keep telling you, you listen to me more, you live longer!," "Okey dokey, Dr. Jones, hold on to your potatoes!" and "It's very dark! I cannot see! You're my eyes, Half-Pint." Incorporating these quotes can bring an extra element of fun and authenticity to your portrayal, capturing the courageous and loyal spirit of Short Round.

About Short Round

Short Round, the boy wonder of Indiana Jones movie fame, was born on February 8, 1926 as Wan Li.  He was born the oldest child of a steel plant foreman in Shanghai. Orphaned during the Japanese bombing of Shanghai in 1932, Li operated as a pickpocket on the streets of his hometown. In fact, this is how he got the nickname Short Round.

Short Round is bilingual and speaks both Chinese and English. He is calm and has quick-thinking skills especially under pressure. Short Round was also skilled in a form of karate. This was evident when he swiftly defeated the Thuggee guards that attacked him. Li picked up much of his English from watching American films at the Tai-Phung Theater while working in shady areas.

Short Round

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