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Best Sheriff Woody Costume Guide

There’s a snake in my boot! Well, at least there might be when you dress up like Sheriff Woody. Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks in the Disney/Pixar classic Toy Story, is one of Andy’s favorite toys. Woody has embarked on many exciting adventures along with his pals, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Hamm, and the rest of Andy’s faithful toys. Dress like the sheriff with your Toy Story Woody Hat, Toy Story Woody Cowboy Costume Shirt, Toy Story Woody Sheriff Vest, Paisley Bandana Scarf, Single Gun Holster and Belt, Western Cowboy Steer Bull Belt Buckle, Wild Western Sheriff Badge, Men’s Smoky Mountain Denver Boot, Spurs Costume Accessory, and don’t forgot that slithering Realistic Rubber Fake Snake.

Sheriff Woody Cosplay Costumes

If you’ve ever watched the Toy Story series, you’d know that Woody is one of the main characters of the movies and Andy’s favorite toy. If you want to get the look of this toy sheriff, you’ll need a few of Woody’s pieces such as his vest, hat and shirt which you can most likely find at any costume shop. You’ll also need some brown cowboy boots, a red bandana that you’ll need to tie around your neck, a cowboy belt and your sheriff badge. If you want to accessorize and bring together his look a bit more, you’ll need a gun holster, cowboy spurs, and a fake rubber snake to play up the snake in your boot. Cosplay your Woody costume alongside Buzz and have a great group cosplay. Show us the wonderful things you come up with by sending over a photos!

Sheriff Woody Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the boots of Sheriff Woody from “Toy Story” with our engaging costume guide FAQ. This section is designed to help fans bring to life the beloved cowboy character, answering essential questions about replicating his iconic look from the popular Pixar animated series.

Sheriff Woody's costume includes a yellow plaid shirt with red and white checkers, blue jeans, a cowhide-print vest, a red neckerchief, a brown cowboy hat, and brown cowboy boots. His outfit is completed with a sheriff's badge and a gun holster belt (though traditionally without a gun, to keep it family-friendly).

Woody's cowboy hat can be found at most costume stores or can be made from brown felt for a DIY approach. For the cowhide-print vest, look for a pre-made vest or use cowhide-print fabric to create your own. Ensure it matches Woody's vest in the movies as closely as possible.

Woody's jeans are classic blue denim, which should be easy to find. His shirt is a little more specific; look for a yellow plaid shirt with large red and white checkers. If you can't find an exact match, a similar yellow and red plaid shirt can also work well.

Key accessories for Woody's costume include his sheriff's badge, which can be made from gold-colored cardboard or purchased as a prop. Also, consider adding a gun holster belt made from brown leather or faux leather, but remember to keep it gun-free for authenticity and safety.

Bringing Woody to life with his quotes can add an extra layer of fun. Some iconic lines include: "There's a snake in my boot!," "Reach for the sky!," "You're my favorite deputy!," "Yee-haw! Giddy-up, partner! We gotta get this wagon train a-movin'!," and "This town ain't big enough for the two of us!." These quotes capture Woody's spirited and good-hearted nature, enhancing your portrayal of this beloved cowboy character.

About Sheriff Woody

Sheriff Woody is a vintage toy that belonged to Andy Davis and was considered Andy’s favorite toy among all his others. He held that title for quite some time until Buzz came around and jeopardize it and Woody feeling jealous tried his best to get rid of Buzz. In the first movie, Woody had a personality that wasn’t the most pleasant at times but it was the way he was supposed to originally be displayed. He was a leader in his sense which involved bossing around others and being quite insulting. After becoming friends with Buzz though and slowly throughout the movies, Woody’s personality slowly grew much more positive and kind.

Woody is present in all three of the Toy Story movies as he is one of the main characters and there is soon to be another Toy story movie coming out in the summer of 2019.

Sheriff Woody

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