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She-Ra: Princess of Power is a 1985 animated series made as a spin-off to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Netflix premiered a reboot of the show in November 2018. She-Ra is the protagonist of both animated series. Her character was originally created as a counterpart to He-Man, as a way to become the go-to heroine for girls just as He-Man was to boys. She-Ra is known for her incredible strength agility, and speed. Her incredible enables her to lift full-grown men or robots and massive objects like rocks and structures.

Ever wanted to dress up as a powerful superhero but didn’t want to risk looking like everyone else? Get the look of the strong heroine with this She-Ra costume guide. Her heroic costume is just for you! Get her look with a She-Ra costume along with some spandex shorts and a pair of gold boots. Then, you’re pretty much good to go! Don’t forget the blonde wig and Roman sword.

She-Ra Cosplay Costumes

She-Ra’s weapon of choice is her Sword of Protection. The weapon is said to be nearly indestructible as well as able to deflect bolts of energy, whether magical or not. The Sword of Protection is also known to be able to project beams of energy from the stone found in its center. The same stone is used to turn Spirit into Swift Wind as the power beam needed to perform such a transformation comes from it. One of the essential pieces of this costume will be the sword you carry as an accessory.

Whether you remember She-Ra from 1985 or from 2018, her character is a great costume option for any occasion. Bring some friends to dress up as other characters appearing in the Masters of the Universe like He-Man or Skeletor.

She-Ra Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey of empowerment and adventure with our costume guide FAQ for She-Ra, the iconic heroine from “She-Ra: Princess of Power.” As the alter ego of Princess Adora, She-Ra stands as a symbol of strength, hope, and courage, captivating fans with her magical abilities and inspiring leadership. This guide will assist you in recreating She-Ra’s majestic and powerful look, ensuring your transformation into the Princess of Power is both authentic and inspiring.

She-Ra's classic costume features a white and gold bodysuit with red cape, gold boots with winged accents, a gold tiara with a red gem, gold bracers, and her signature Sword of Protection. The outfit is emblematic of her royal status and combat readiness, blending elegance with warrior prowess.

Start with a white leotard or bodysuit as the base. Add gold fabric or metallic paint to create the armor details, such as the chest piece and belt. For the cape, use a lightweight red fabric that can be attached to the shoulders of the bodysuit. Craft the tiara, bracers, and boots from craft foam or lightweight plastic, painting them gold and adding details like the red gem on the tiara to capture the essence of She-Ra's regalia.

She-Ra's strength and kindness are as integral to her character as her costume. Incorporate her long, flowing blonde hair, either by styling your own hair or using a wig. Her Sword of Protection is also crucial, so consider creating a prop sword from foam or lightweight wood, painted to mimic the look of the iconic weapon.

For She-Ra's boots, opt for knee-high gold boots or modify existing boots with gold fabric or paint, adding winged accents on the sides. The tiara can be crafted from craft foam or thin plastic, shaped to fit your forehead and painted gold, with a prominent red gem in the center as a focal point.

Embodying She-Ra's heroism and compassion can be further achieved through her memorable quotes: "For the honor of Grayskull!," "I am She-Ra, Princess of Power!," "Together, we have the power to overcome any obstacle.," "Strength is not just physical. True strength comes from the heart." and "We must always fight for what is right and protect those who cannot protect themselves." These quotes reflect She-Ra's dedication to justice, her leadership, and her unyielding commitment to peace and freedom, making them perfect for bringing depth to your portrayal of this iconic character.

About She-Ra

Though she faces many situations where fighting is needed, she descends to this as a last resort. She-Ra is largely a non-violent person and would rather use her intelligence and wits to defeat her enemies. Her most violent action is a body throw. This personality traight wass also a function of the broadcast standards at the time the original She-Ra: Princess of Power was produced. In 1985, neither He-Man nor She-Ra were allowed to use their swords offensively. They could only use their swords as a means of defending themselves. The series was not allowed to show them directly punching or kicking anyone, either.

Another interesting fact is that if you watch the original She-Ra series released in 1985, you may notice that her primary enemies were robotic. Broadcast standards also disallowed them to show She-Ra destroying human enemies. The same observation could be said of the show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


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