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Shazam! started as a DC comic that got turned into a film by the same name in 2019. The movie follows a young teen named Billy Batson, played by Asher Angel, who gets chosen by a wizard called Shazam to become the new champion. When he calls Shazam’s name, he transforms into the adult superhero Shazam, played by Zachary Levi. Although he just wants to play around with his newfound powers, Billy has to protect Shazam’s magic from Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. 

Shazam’s powers include super-strength, electrokinesis, nigh-invulnerability, and superhuman speed. Billy is able to use Shazam as a shield as he ventures through his teenage years and learns what it really means to be a hero. To save the world as the powerful hero Shazam you will need a Shazam Costume, Shazam Boots, Slicked Back Wig, Bubble Gum, and Toy iPhone.

Shazam Cosplay Costumes

The Shazam! movie is a fun take on your usual superhero movie. Instead of having it from an adult’s point of view, we have it from a teenager’s. Any teenager would love having an invincible adult body at one point or another, even if it was just for a day. The balance between Shazam’s heroic stance and Billy’s childlike attitude is one of the reasons people love the movie. 

Shazam is a super fun cosplay. It gives you the perfect excuse to run around as a superhero, who wouldn’t want that?! His outfit is as heroic as you can get with the royal red, gold embellishes and white cape. If you think your Shazam outfit is the best of the best, why not submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest? Or some friends to come as other characters like Billy Batson, Mary Bromfield, The Wizard, or Doctor Sivana.

Shazam Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Shazam, the superhero alter ego of young Billy Batson, with our detailed costume guide FAQ. This section aims to guide you through creating an authentic and striking Shazam costume, capturing the essence of his magical transformation and superheroic charm.

Shazam's costume is iconic and distinct, featuring a red bodysuit with a gold lightning bolt emblem on the chest, a white cape with gold trim, gold gauntlets, and gold boots. The suit is often depicted with a muscular design to represent Shazam's superhuman strength.

The lightning bolt emblem is a crucial part of Shazam's costume. You can create this by cutting the shape out of gold fabric or using gold paint on a piece of sturdy material like craft foam. The emblem should be large and centered on the chest of the red bodysuit.

Shazam's cape is white with a gold trim and often has a hood. You can create the cape using white fabric, adding gold fabric or ribbon along the edges for the trim. For an authentic look, ensure the cape is long enough to reach just above the ground and add a hood if you're aiming for specific comic book or movie versions.

Shazam, being the superhero form of a teenager, has a youthful yet strong appearance. He typically has dark hair styled in a simple, clean-cut manner. The facial features should reflect a sense of innocence mixed with the confidence of a superhero.

To bring your Shazam cosplay to life, consider using some of his famous phrases and actions: Shout "Shazam!" to mimic his transformation from Billy Batson into the superhero, Use lines like "I choose to be a superhero!" or "You have bullet immunity!," Strike powerful and heroic poses, often with fists clenched or arms crossed, to showcase Shazam's strength and bravery. Incorporating these elements will not only enhance the visual aspect of your costume but also bring the spirited and heroic nature of Shazam into your portrayal.

About Shazam

Shazam is a character that was originally from the DC comics by the same name that has now been turned into a movie starring Zachary Levi. The basic plotline for the movie is about a fourteen-year-old called Billy Batson who gets Shazam’s powers from a wizard. He faces many challenges and fears as he learns how to control his powers and balance his two lives.

Shazam has superhuman speed, superhuman strength, and electrokinesis. Shazam’s personality is more carefree and irresponsible than Billy’s. This is probably due to the fact that his body is suddenly twice the size and almost invincible. He starts off by abusing his newfound powers with his friend until he learns that Dr. Thaddeus Sivana is after the Shazam powers too. Shazam has to overcome many personal and powerful issues that aren’t protected by a superhero suit and learns how to use his new abilities wisely.


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