How to Dress Like Shank

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Maroon Hoodie
Grey Biker Jeggings
Gold Hooped Earrings
Knife Tattoo
Black Leather Jacket
Brown Belt
Skull Belt Buckle
Womens Boots
Brown Biker Gloves

Best Shank Costume Guide

Shank is a character from the 2018 film Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet, in which she is voiced by Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman fame. Far from the happy candy racetracks Ralph and Vanellope spent their time in during the first Wreck-It Ralph film; Shank comes from a far darker game called Slaughter Race. She is extremely determined to win and absolutely hates losing.

As a major player in Slaughter Race, she is often seen with her gang comprising of Butcher, Felony, Pyro and Little Debbie, who all look up to her as a leader. If you want to get the look of this badass racer girl, you’ll need to get your hands on a Maroon Hoodie, Grey Biker Jeggings, Gold Hooped Earrings, a Knife Tattoo for that tough edge, Black Leather Jacket, Brown Belt, Skull Belt Buckle, Women’s Boots, and Brown Biker Gloves.

Shank Cosplay Costumes

With the success of the original Wreck-It Ralph film, you can bet the sequel is going to be enormously popular, and with the star-pulling power to get Wonder Woman Gal Gadot to provide the voice of Shank, we’re betting she is going to be a fan favorite, especially within cosplay circles. Shank is known as tough, edgy, competitive, but also compassionate when she is not in race mode, so you’d better be prepared to bring a little attitude to this costume.

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Shank Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the thrilling and dynamic world of “Wreck-It Ralph 2” with our costume guide FAQ for Shank, the fearless and skilled racer from the intense online racing game, Slaughter Race. Shank’s outfit reflects her tough, streetwise persona combined with a flair for racing. This guide will help you recreate Shank’s edgy and cool look, perfect for fans of the movie who admire her no-nonsense attitude and racing prowess.

Shank's outfit is a perfect blend of a street racer and a fashionable, rugged look. Essential components include a white tank top and a leather jacket, typically in a dark color with stylish accents like zippers or patches. She wears tight, dark pants or jeans and a pair of sturdy boots, suitable for high-speed racing. Shank's ensemble is both functional for racing and reflective of her tough character.

Shank has a distinctive, chic hairstyle with long, wavy dark hair, often styled with a side part. To replicate her look, you might use a wig if your hair isn’t similar. Her makeup is bold yet understated, with a focus on defined eyes and a neutral or slightly dark lip color, emphasizing her confident and daring personality.

Key accessories for Shank include a pair of sleek, dark sunglasses and a belt with a prominent buckle, adding to her streetwise racer look. Additionally, wearing fingerless gloves can enhance her edgy style and add a practical element that reflects her racing background.

Shank's costume primarily features a combination of dark and neutral tones, with her white tank top providing a contrast to her darker leather jacket and pants. The jacket may have racing-inspired details or patches that add to her character's background in Slaughter Race.

Embodying Shank involves capturing her cool, collected, and confident demeanor. Some memorable traits and quotes to enhance your portrayal include: Her calm and composed attitude, even in high-stress racing scenarios., “There’s no law saying best friends have to have the same dreams.,” Her skills in driving, shown through confident and assertive movements, “This girl can drive!” Her mentor-like role and supportive nature towards Vanellope. With these elements, your Shank costume will not only capture her stylish racer look but also reflect the essence of her character's fearless, skilled, and supportive personality in "Wreck-It Ralph 2."

About Shank

Shank is a new character introduced to the Wreck-It Ralph world in 2018’s sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet, and she is tough as they come. Ralph and Vanellope meet Shank in their journey through the internet, when they stumble upon the racing game where she plies her trade as a badass driver with a must-win attitude. Her game, Slaughter Race, is nothing like the sweet candy hills of Sugar Rush, so she has developed a tougher exterior than some of the original characters.

Although she takes her job as a driver very seriously and exhibits a serious bad-girl persona, she also has a warm and compassionate side. She develops a sisterly relationship with Vanellope throughout the film, as the pair bond over their love of driving and equally competitive attitude. Voiced by Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, Shank is sure to be a hit with Wreck-It Ralph fans and cosplayers alike.


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