How to Dress Like Shadman

Male Pop Culture
Formal Vest
Black Pants
Wired Headphones
Skeleton Mask
Aviator Sunglasses
Dress Shirt
Black Tie
Skeleton Gloves
Baseball Cap
Lace up Shoes

Best Shadman Costume Guide

Shadman is the Internet pseudonym of the explicit art and webcomic illustrator Shaddai Prejean. His art and comics, usually depicting popular fictional characters in sexual situations, are all under the website that he runs called Shadbase. His career as a popular artist online began when he shared his work on the website Newgrounds in 2009. His personal website was set up a few months after. He further gained popularity in 2010 after creating a YouTube channel showing the process of creating his art. Hiding behind a mask, sunglasses, and a cap, Shadman has successfully created a persona that has earned him over 200,000 followers on Facebook and YouTube. Get the look of the mysterious artist with this Shadman costume guide.

Cosplay Shadman’s look by wearing a Baseball Cap, Skeleton Mask, Dress Shirt, Skeleton Gloves, Formal Vest, Black Tie, Black Pants, Lace Up Shoes, Aviator Sunglasses, and Wired Headphones.

Shadman Cosplay Costumes

Though a mystery, Shadman is a strong presence online. Whether you love him or you hate him, you can’t help but wonder—who is this guy behind the mask? What does he really look like? His mysterious persona adds to the allure of this real-life character. His fans gravitate to his online channels to watch his character nearly as much as his art. Dress like Shadman from the popular explicit art website Shadbase with a dress shirt, a formal vest, a black tie, black pants, and lace-up shoes. Conceal your true identity with a baseball cap, a skeleton mask, skeleton gloves, aviator sunglasses, and a pair of wired headphones.

Dressing up as Shadman doesn’t have to be lonely! Gather some of your friends and let them cosplay as your real life drawings. Maybe the cast of Naruto? Just make sure not to be as explicit as his original work!

About Shadman

There is little known about Shadman or Shaddai Prejean because his persona is concealed online. As he gains more popularity on the Internet, however, Shadman gets more polarizing opinions about what he does. Many believe there should limitations to the art he puts on his website. Early in 2017, he had to shut down his website Shadbase temporarily due to legal issues pertaining to drawings of underage girls. He also came under fire for drawing real-life people and celebrities instead of just fictional cartoon characters.

Currently, his website is back up but with limitations and regulations imposed to ensure that he doesn’t cross the line with his explicit art and webcomics. His notoriety online following these legal problems earned him the novelty of his name being used as a meme “Shadman” which pertains to the distaste for his work. Whether or not you agree, one thing is for sure—his popularity online is growing!


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