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 Seth, a senior in high school, aims to spend the last three weeks of high school and summer preparing for college by partying. The problem? He and his friends are unpopular and spend their time getting drunk together and fantasizing about girls. Luckily, one day Seth and his friends get invited to a party, and Seth is determined to supply alcohol to impress his crush, Jules. However, their plans become thwarted once his friend Fogel encounters an armed robbery at the liquor store. Because of his determination to impress Jules, Seth finds himself living a night he’ll never forget.

Get the look of the crude and socially reckless teenager played by Jonah Hill with this Seth from Superbad costume guide. Cosplay Seth’s look by wearing Plaid Pants with a pair of Blue Vans. Pair the look with a Blue Western Shirt over a Light Blue T-Shirt. Finish the costume with a Curly Wig and, of course, a jug of Laundry Detergent.

Seth Cosplay Costumes

Though immature and obsessed with girls, Seth learns a valuable lesson about his friendships with Evan and Fogel. After going through extreme lengths to get the attention of Jules, Seth realizes that his friendships are more important than impressing girls. He even gains a sense of confidence as he realizes that Jules didn’t need him to supply alcohol to impress her; she already liked him. With a renewed sense of confidence, Seth feels prepared for college despite his failed plans for partying and seducing girls all summer.

Cosplay Seth’s look from the coming-of-age movie, Superbad with plaid pants paired with classic blue Vans. Layer a light blue T-shirt with a blue western shirt to finish Seth’s outfit. Complete the look with a curly wig and a jug of laundry detergent. Don’t go to the party alone! Make an entrance with your closest friends Evan, Fogel, and Jules. Bring some cops to the party and dress as Slater and Michaels, who spend the evening showing Fogel a good time.

Seth Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the hilariously relatable world of “Superbad” with our Seth costume guide FAQ. Embody the essence of this unforgettable character, portrayed by Jonah Hill, as we answer your key questions about recreating Seth’s iconic and comically average high school look.

Seth's outfit in "Superbad" is emblematic of an average high school student. Key elements include a striped, short-sleeved polo shirt, predominantly in earthy tones like brown or green, paired with loose-fitting jeans. This look is complemented by standard, non-descript sneakers, capturing his casual and somewhat awkward teenage style.

Seth has a short, somewhat unkempt hairstyle that's characteristic of a teenager not overly concerned with fashion. To replicate this, go for a slightly messy, casual hairdo with a bit of volume on top. If your hair is longer, consider a short wig that resembles his style.

For Seth's polo shirt, aim for horizontal stripes in a combination of earthy tones. Shades of brown, green, and maybe a hint of orange or yellow would be ideal. The stripes should be bold but not overly bright, reflecting his unassuming and relatable character.

To enhance the Seth costume, consider carrying props that reference memorable moments from "Superbad." This could include a fake ID (like the iconic "McLovin" one), a notebook or papers that hint at his plans with his friends, or even a pack of gum to reference specific scenes. Remember to keep it fun and in the spirit of the character.

Incorporating some of Seth's memorable quotes will bring your portrayal to life. Some iconic lines include: "People don't forget!," "I am McLovin!" and "You know when you hear girls say, ‘Ah man, I was so shit-faced last night, I shouldn't have slept with that guy?’ We could be that mistake!". These quotes capture Seth's humorous and often blunt personality, making your costume not just a visual representation but a true embodiment of the character's spirit.

About Seth

Seth is a high school senior with only three weeks left until graduation. Like many teens, he feels high school is lame, and he can’t wait to gain independence when he goes off to college. On the cusp of adulthood, Seth feels widely unprepared for college because of his lack of experience with girls. Seth doesn’t shy away from telling his friends how he feels, which gets him into trouble throughout his quest to supply alcohol for Jules’ party. He openly calls Fogel stupid for choosing a fake I.D. with the name “McLovin,” and accuses Evan of abandoning him when he reveals his college plans.

Even though he insults his friends, Seth eventually learns that his friendships are more important than partying and girls. Once the cops break up Jules’ party, Seth must save Evan from getting into trouble, who has gotten far too drunk. By carrying Evan over his shoulder, Seth successfully evades the cops, and the two friends make it home safely.


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