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How to Dress Like Serena from Pokemon X and Y

Serena Cosplay Red Hat
Collar Sleeveless Crop Top
Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses
Black Jellystone Karman Bangle
Double Waist Side Buttons Pleated Skirt
Pokémon Small Plush Fennekin
Everest Luggage Basic Backpack
Chuck Taylor Leather Sneaker
Over Knee Thigh Stockings
  1. Serena Cosplay Red Hat Check Price
  2. Collar Sleeveless Crop Top Check Price
  3. Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses Check Price
  4. Black Jellystone Karman Bangle Check Price
  5. Double Waist Side Buttons Pleated Skirt Check Price
  6. Pokémon Small Plush Fennekin Check Price
  7. Everest Luggage Basic Backpack Check Price
  8. Chuck Taylor Leather Sneaker Check Price
  9. Over Knee Thigh Stockings Check Price

Best Serena Costume Guide

Get the cosplay costume of Serena, the Pokemon trainer who battles in Pokemon X and Y with her rival male counterpart Calem. Serena is a young girl who lives in Vaniville Town that is a travel companion of Ash Ketchum, who she met previously at a summer camp. Get the look of Serena as you prepare to be a trainer with Collar Sleeveless Crop Top, Double Waist Side Buttons Pleated Skirt, Over Knee Thigh Stockings, Chuck Taylor Leather Sneaker, and Serena Cosplay Red Hat. Accessorize with Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses, Black Jellystone Karman Bangle, Pokémon Small Plush Fennekin, and an Everest Luggage Basic Backpack.

Serena Cosplay Inspiration

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