How to Dress Like Serena from Pokemon X and Y

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Serena Cosplay Red Hat
Collar Sleeveless Crop Top
Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses
Black Jellystone Karman Bangle
Double Waist Side Buttons Pleated Skirt
Pokémon Small Plush Fennekin
Everest Luggage Basic Backpack
Chuck Taylor Leather Sneaker
Over Knee Thigh Stockings

Best Serena Costume Guide

Get the cosplay costume of Serena, the Pokemon trainer who battles in Pokemon X and Y with her rival male counterpart Calem. Serena is a young girl who lives in Vaniville Town that is a travel companion of Ash Ketchum, who she met previously at a summer camp. Get the look of Serena as you prepare to be a trainer with Collar Sleeveless Crop Top, Double Waist Side Buttons Pleated Skirt, Over Knee Thigh Stockings, Chuck Taylor Leather Sneaker, and Serena Cosplay Red Hat. Accessorize with Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses, Black Jellystone Karman Bangle, Pokémon Small Plush Fennekin, and an Everest Luggage Basic Backpack.

Serena Cosplay Costumes

Besides a few pieces from Serena’s look, you can find most of the items in your own collection of clothing. We have found every piece that you need online, so the ones that you don’t own can easily be found with the click of a button. If you don’t own black thigh high stocking, white sunglasses, red skirt, black sneakers, or a black bangle, you can find them in many every day stores near you. The items that you will want to order to make sure they look as similar as possible to Serena’s outfit are the red hat, the tank top with a collar, the pink back pack or purse, and the Pokemon Fennekin plush.

Serena’s look is awesome all on it’s own, but if you want the whole Pokemon crew together that’s easy to achieve! Get some of your friends to dress as Ash Ketchum, Hilda, Rosa, Dawn, or tons of other choices and you will have nailed the look right on the head! Better catch all these items while you can, and send us a picture of your costumes when you have them all completed! Find some other tips and tricks in our costume gallery!

Serena Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of Pokémon trainers by emulating Serena from Pokémon X and Y with our detailed costume guide FAQ. This section is designed to help you capture the essence of Serena’s stylish and confident character, ensuring your transformation into this popular Pokémon trainer is both authentic and striking.

Serena's outfit is chic and functional, perfect for a Pokémon trainer. Essential elements include a dark gray felt hat with a black ribbon, a sleeveless black top with a white collar, a red pleated miniskirt, and black thigh-high stockings. Complete the look with black ankle boots. Don't forget her primary accessory, a pink shoulder bag, which is as stylish as it is practical for a Pokémon trainer.

Serena is known for her long, honey-blond hair styled in a side sweep with bangs. To replicate this, you can use your natural hair if it's similar or opt for a wig. For an authentic look, choose a wig that’s long, slightly wavy, and has a side-swept fringe. If you need to match her hair color, consider using temporary hair dye or a colored wig.

Serena wears a distinctive dark gray felt hat with a black ribbon around the base. You can find a similar hat in costume stores or online shops specializing in cosplay accessories. If you're into crafting, you can also create one using felt fabric, shaping it to resemble her hat and adding a black ribbon for the finishing touch.

For makeup, aim for a natural look with a bit of emphasis on the eyes, as seen in Serena's character design. Accessories are crucial; her pink shoulder bag is iconic, and you can either find a similar bag or customize one with fabric paint. Additionally, her black wristband on her left wrist is a subtle but important detail.

While Serena is more known for her actions than her words, embodying her confident and determined spirit will enhance your costume. You can carry a Poké Ball to showcase her role as a Pokémon trainer. Mimicking her confident posture and enthusiasm for Pokémon battles will bring your portrayal to life.

About Serena

Serena is the Pokemon trainer in the game “Pokemon X and Y.” Serena and her friends that live nearby, Tierno, Trevor, Shauna, and her next door neighbor Calem, become extremely close and decide to go on their adventures together. What is interesting about Calem is that he is the male counterpart of Serena. You can tell when she has turned into the male version because the hair will be in a ponytail and he doesn’t wear the cute hat that Serena is usually sporting.

Serena used to be a travel companion of Ash Ketchum in the anime version, but now she aids the player of the game in catching Pokemon. She is accommodating to the characters needs and will do whatever it takes to help the player along their journey. Serena doesn’t have many emotions besides being happy with a smile, but at one point she does show signs of shock. She’s a cute and spunky character in the game!


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