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Work Shirt
Work Pants
Fuzzy Mustache
Light Gray T-Shirt
Brown Hat
Construction Tool Belt
Brown Work Boots
Brown Belt

Best Scruffy Costume Guide

Scruffy is the janitor in the Planet Express company featured on hit animated television series, Futurama. He was initially introduced on the show as a backstage assistant during a concert, but later in the series was added as the infrequently seen janitor. Scruffy is known to be very lazy and disinterested with his job, and really life in general. Instead of cleaning or doing what he’s expected to do, he is often found in the boiler room looking at pornographic magazines. This might be why everyone at Planet Express seems to forget who he when he is actually seen. But no matter, Scruffy often forgets who others are as well. Get the look of the apathetic janitor with this Scruffy costume guide.

To look like the janitor Scruffy, you’ll need to dress up in a Work Shirt, Work Pants, Light Grey T-Shirt, Brown Hat, Brown Belt, Construction Tool Belt, Work Boots, a Fuzzy Moustache, and a Broom. Though typical janitor gear, you’ll be a close match for Scruffy’s character.

Scruffy Cosplay Costumes

Don’t dress like an ordinary janitor. Dress up as the most well-known janitor in the entire universe. Scruffy is an interesting and funny character who stars on the animated comedy, Futurama. Going as this character will sure to be a hit with anyone who’s watched the show. The best part is it’s not even that difficult! You simply need to pair a light grey t-shirt with work pants. Then, throw an unbuttoned work shirt over the t-shirt. Put on a brown hat, a brown belt, and a construction tool belt to give you more than half of Scruffy’s apathetic look. All you need now is a fake fuzzy mustache. For bonus points, bring along a broom to nail the look.

Get the entire Futurama crew on board! Call on your friends to encourage them to dress up and cosplay the other Futurama characters like Philip J. Fry, Leela, Dr. Zoidberg, Hubert J. Farnsworth, and even Zapp Brannigan.

Scruffy Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into Scruffy, the beloved but often overlooked janitor from the animated series “Futurama.” Our detailed costume guide FAQ is crafted to help you embody Scruffy’s unique and laid-back demeanor. Discover how to create a Scruffy costume that captures his casual style and unassuming presence, perfect for any “Futurama” fan.

Scruffy's outfit is simple and utilitarian, reflecting his role as the Planet Express building's janitor. Essential elements include a light blue work shirt with rolled-up sleeves, dark blue work pants, and a brown belt. He is often seen with a grey cap, and occasionally, a greyish-green jacket.

Scruffy is known for his thick, bushy mustache and somewhat disheveled hair. To replicate this look, use a fake mustache if you can't grow one, and style your hair (or a wig) to be slightly unkempt. His hair is a dirty blond or light brown color.

Scruffy typically wears simple, dark-colored work boots. Choose a pair that's well-worn or scuffed to match his unpolished appearance. The boots should be practical and rugged, reflecting his janitorial duties.

Yes, Scruffy's costume can be enhanced with a few key accessories. A grey cap is a must-have, and you can also carry a broom or a mop to emphasize his janitorial role. Optionally, include a copy of "Zero-G Juggs" or "National Pornographic" magazine, as Scruffy is often seen reading these in his downtime.

Scruffy is known for his laconic speech and laid-back attitude. Incorporating lines like, "Scruffy's gonna die the way he lived," or simply responding with "Mmhm" to questions can capture his character well. Mimic his slow, relaxed movements and often indifferent expressions to bring your Scruffy cosplay to life.

About Scruffy

Even though Scruffy is known to be lazy toward his job and life in general, it’s revealed on one episode that he’s actually very fond of the Planet Express company. In fact, he’s so fond of it that he apparently owns four times more stock than any other employee. Quite a few strange things are revealed about Scruffy throughout the futuristic show created by Matt Groening.

First, Scruffy is always referring to himself in the third person. He usually says, “Scruffy, the Janitor” in full. One episode, in particular, he is murdered by a robotic Santa Claus. Though he really died, he was brought back to life shortly after. This fuels the general assumption among viewers that Scruffy is really a zombie for most of the series. It is also revealed at one point that Scruffy was in love with his robotic wash bucket but avoids entering into a relationship with it.


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