How to Dress Like Screenslaver

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Best Screenslaver Costume Guide

With just a few costume pieces, you can dress like Screenslaver, the mysterious supervillain in the Disney Pixar film, The Incredibles 2. This master of manipulation can bend people to his will, even hypnotizing a train conductor into shifting the train into reverse. Screenslaver wreaked havoc throughout the film, but no one could have guessed his true identity. He dresses in simple black clothing and wears a mask with huge glowing goggles. Get the look of the manipulated pizza boy with this Screenslaver costume guide.

We’re definitely not endorsing evil masterminds, but dressing like them sure can be fun. Strap on your hypno-goggles and take down all the Supers in this mysterious costume. All you need to get the classic Screenslaver look is a Cycling Face Mask, Fly Safety Goggles, a Men’s Turtleneck Shirt, Casual Chino Pants, Men’s Classic Motorcycle Gloves, and a pair of Men’s Chelsea boots.

Screenslaver Cosplay Costumes

Screenslaver is the most memorable villain from one of the biggest animated blockbuster of 2018. Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 speaks to all generations, which is why Screenslaver’s costume is great for everyone. You can go a step further to get the full look and cut out a custom mouthpiece like Screenslaver’s. You can also add a fake cattle prod as a prop, although building one may be a little more interesting. Or you could ditch the mask and goggles altogether and just carry around a pizza box, but that’s not quite as fun. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this costume, especially when it comes to group costumes!

Screenslaver and Evelyn Deavor can make a great costume for couples, just try not to read too much into it. Couple costumes aren’t your thing? Get a few friends together to rule the cosplay world dressed as Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Dash, Jack-Jack, Violet, Frozone, and even the Underminer. Whether reenacting classic fight scenes or just going to a costume party, this costume is cool, comfortable, and current.

Screenslaver Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the enigmatic world of “The Incredibles 2” with our costume guide FAQ for the Screenslaver, one of the movie’s central antagonists. Known for his hypnotic abilities and mysterious presence, the Screenslaver offers a captivating cosplay opportunity. This guide will assist you in recreating the Screenslaver’s distinctive outfit and persona, ensuring your portrayal captures the character’s intriguing and villainous essence.

The Screenslaver's costume is characterized by its simplicity and dark colors. Essential to the costume are a black full-body jumpsuit and black tactical gloves. The most distinctive feature is the Screenslaver's mask, which is a black mask with hypnotic, swirling white patterns that represent the character's mind-control abilities. The mask should cover the entire face and have a flat, emotionless expression.

To create the Screenslaver's hypnotic mask, start with a black full-face mask as the base. Use white paint or adhesive paper to create the swirling, hypnotic pattern. The design should be intricate and maze-like, reflecting the character's theme of manipulation and control. Ensure the mask is comfortable to wear and provides enough visibility.

The Screenslaver wears simple, black, tactical boots that complement the stealthy and utilitarian nature of the costume. Choose boots that are sturdy and have a minimal design, ideally without any conspicuous logos or designs.

To enhance the Screenslaver costume, consider adding a black utility belt with pouches or a gadget similar to what the character uses in the film. These additions can add to the tactical and villainous appearance of the character.

Incorporating Screenslaver's quotes can significantly enhance your portrayal, offering insight into their philosophy and methods. Here are a few quotes from "The Incredibles 2": "You are no longer in control.," "I am Screenslaver. I control these screens.," "Your screens are the windows to your soul." "You don't talk, you watch talk shows. You don't play games, you watch game shows." and "Superheroes are part of your brainless desire to replace true experience with simulation." Using these quotes can help embody Screenslaver's critique of society's dependence on technology, adding a compelling layer to your character portrayal.

About Screenslaver

In reality, Screenslaver is just an innocent pizza delivery boy. But once he fell under Evelyn Deavor’s hypnotic control, he became the infamous villain known as Screenslaver. He ranted against television and video games despising how people stopped talking to each other as much. His main goal throughout the film was to take down superheroes, who he believed was at least partially to blame for the ever increasing laziness of people. Screenslaver used his hypno-goggles to control people and carry out his acts of terror, including trying to assassinate an ambassador.

However, this was all a persona of Evelyn Deavor, the real mastermind behind Screnslaver. Using a pair of hypno-goggles on the inside of his mask, Evelyn was able to control the pizza delivery boy. Her goal was taking suspicion away from her and using him to carry out all of her evil wishes. Thankfully, in the end, Evelyn was revealed to be the real evil-doer and the pizza boy was released.


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