How to Dress Like Scoundrel from Fortnite

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White Hair Dye
Shin Guards
Black Pants
Fake Mustache
Military Boots
Black Backpack
Long Sleeve Striped Shirt
Eye Mask
Knit Gloves

Best Scoundrel Costume Guide

In Fortnite, your character may stay the same, but there is an abundance of different skins you can outfit your player with. The Scoundrel skin is a male outfit which mimics the classic image of a burglar or convict in the game Fortnite Battle Royale and is classified as Epic. Along with the easily identifiable black and white striped shirt and eye mask, this skin with the slogan “Moisty’s Most Wanted,” it also comes complete with a backpack known as a Strongbox. It is also known as the male version of the criminally cool Rapscallion outfit.

Get the look of the popular Scoundrel skin with White Hair Dye, Shin Guards, Back Pants, Fake Mustache, Military Boots, Black Backpack, Long Sleeve Striped Shirt, Beanie, Eye Mask, and Knit Gloves.

Scoundrel Cosplay Costumes

The Scoundrel skin costume is part of the Jailbird set, along with the female version known as Rapscallion.

Fortnite is wildly popular – one of those games that come along every so often and seems to have everyone in the world playing. Due to its intense popularity, you’re sure to be a hit with gaming fans at any event you attend dressed as Scoundrel – or any other Fortnite skin for that matter.

If you’ve got a bunch of friends who love Fortnite as much as you do, then get them together and check out some of our other skin costume designs – Teknique, Redline, Raptor, Survival Specialist, Rust Lord and Power Chord. More are being added regularly due to popularity. Why not dress as Scoundrel and go on a Fortnite date with your very own Rapscallion!

Scoundrel Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the action-packed world of “Fortnite” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Scoundrel, the notorious heist-themed character. This guide is designed to assist you in replicating the unique style of Scoundrel, allowing you to embody the cunning and adventurous spirit of this popular gaming icon.

Scoundrel's outfit is distinctive and recognizable among "Fortnite" characters. Key elements include a black and white striped long-sleeve shirt, a black vest with a white skull logo, a white scarf, a black eye mask, and a black cap with a white stripe. To complete the look, add black gloves, dark pants, and sturdy combat boots.

Look for a black and white striped long-sleeve shirt, similar to the classic style often associated with heist or jailbird themes. The stripes should be evenly spaced and run horizontally across the shirt. This shirt is a crucial part of Scoundrel's signature look.

Scoundrel's costume includes a black eye mask, which can be made from black fabric or felt, and a black cap with a white stripe. The cap resembles a classic newsboy or flat cap. These elements are essential for achieving the character's mysterious and roguish appearance.

To complete the Scoundrel look from "Fortnite," consider adding a black vest with a white skull logo on the back. You can either find a vest with a similar design or create the logo yourself using fabric paint or a patch. Additionally, a white scarf can be added around the neck, and black gloves will complement the outfit.

While Scoundrel from "Fortnite" may not have specific quotes or catchphrases, you can use general heist-themed phrases to enhance your costume. Some examples include: "Time for a little five-finger discount.," "Let's make this heist legendary.," "In and out, quick and quiet.," "I've got the perfect plan." and "This loot's coming with me." These phrases capture the essence of Scoundrel's character as a cunning and adventurous thief, adding an extra layer of fun and authenticity to your portrayal.

About Scoundrel

Fortnite Battle Royale is an incredibly successful co-operative survival game from Epic Games, which is now available on almost every platform you can think of and is played by millions of people throughout the glove. It’s hard to believe that the Battle Royale part of Fortnite was originally added as a free bonus designed to draw people to the main game, which was essentially a third-person zombie shooter.

The concept sounds simple – 100 players parachute onto an island and set about searching for weapons and gear, try to take out your competitors, and be crowned the winner. This style of gaming has become increasingly popular, and Fortnite is the undisputed king of the genre. Of interest to cosplay fans are a large number of skins you can purchase in the game – an outfit that changes the appearance of your character. With more and more skins being added to the game as it grows, there is never a shortage of fun cosplay options for you to explore.


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