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Best Scary Terry Costume Guide

Scary Terry is a character voiced by Jess Harnell in the TV show Rick and Morty. The show follows mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith as they have inter-dimensional adventures. Scary Terry is an antagonist of the show that is really just a little misunderstood. He worries he isn’t scary enough and puts too much pressure on himself to do better. This makes him a touchy character to be around until Rick and Morty enter his dreams and calm him down. 

Scary Terry really is just trying to do his best. He needs to be scary because that’s his job and feels pressured into being scarier than he might actually be. If you too want to get the look of Scary Terry you will need a Scary Terry Mask, Brown Fedora, Blue Unibrow, Men’s Striped Sweater, Grey Khaki Pant, Freddy Krueger Glove, and Chelsea Boots.

Scary Terry Cosplay Costumes

Rick and Morty is a popular TV show that started in 2013 and has developed a huge fanbase. The clear parodies to pop culture are just one of the reasons why the show has such a large following. Scary Terry is a great choice for cosplayers who want to choose a character that isn’t as saturated in the cosplayer world. His quirky style and color palette will be easy to spot in a crowd of Rick and Mortys. He also has more details you can focus on, like the claws and hat.

If you aren’t the only one who loves Rick and Morty. Call your friends up and get them to come as other characters from the show like Rick, Morty, Jerry, Summer or Beth. We would love to have a look at how your Scary Terry costume turns out, so don’t forget to send us a picture for our Halloween Costume Contest!

Scary Terry Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the nightmarish yet comical world of “Rick and Morty” with our Scary Terry costume guide FAQ. Scary Terry, a parody of the classic horror character Freddy Krueger, is known for his exaggeratedly terrifying appearance mixed with a surprisingly vulnerable personality. This guide will help you nail Scary Terry’s unique look, from his iconic sweater to his blade-covered glove, as we delve into your most pressing questions about embodying this unforgettable character.

Scary Terry's outfit is heavily inspired by classic horror. It includes a ragged, striped red and green sweater, dark brown pants, and a brown fedora. The most distinctive element is his glove with long, knife-like fingers. His face is also characterized by deep, exaggerated scars and a menacing expression.

For Scary Terry's face, consider using face paint or makeup to create his scarred and frightening appearance. You can also find masks that replicate his look. Don't forget his signature brown fedora, which is a key part of his character design. It should be slightly worn or tattered to match his overall disheveled style.

Look for a red and green striped sweater, ideally one that looks worn or ragged to mimic Scary Terry's. If you can't find one, you can buy a plain sweater and add stripes using fabric paint. Pair this with dark brown trousers that also have a worn-out look, to stay true to his disheveled appearance.

Scary Terry's glove with knife-like fingers is a crucial part of his costume. You can either purchase a replica online or create one using a gardening glove as a base. Attach long, thin pieces of cardboard or plastic (safely dulled at the edges) to simulate the blades. Ensure that the glove is safe and the edges aren't sharp to avoid accidents.

Adding Scary Terry's quotes to your cosplay can make your portrayal more authentic and entertaining. Here are some of his memorable lines: "You can run but you can't hide, b****!," "Welcome to your nightmare, b****!" "I'm late to class, b****!," "Awww, b****." and "I ain’t got no time for this! I’m a man of my word, b****!" These quotes reflect Scary Terry's humorous take on a horror character, combining typical menacing phrases with a comedic twist that's characteristic of "Rick and Morty."

About Scary Terry

Scary Terry is a fictional character from the science-fiction show Rick and Morty. The show follows the misadventures of the Smith family, mainly focusing on mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his happy-go-lucky grandson Morty Smith. Through many experiments and alternate dimensions, the team finds themselves thrown into many wild scenarios. 

Scary Terry is an antagonist that Rick and Morty meet during one of their bizarre adventures, and is characterized as a parody of Freddy Krueger. At first, he is seen as nothing more than a nightmare, but it is quickly revealed that he’s only trying to do his best. His job is to scare people, but he feels he’s just not good enough and always pressures himself to be better. He may come off as a little touchy and unfriendly, but once you get to know him a bit better you realize he has insecurities just like the rest of us. Once Rick and Morty enter his dreams, they are soon able to help him sort through his own fears. 

Scary Terry

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