How to Dress Like Scarface

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Best Scarface Costume Guide

Tony Montana aka “Scarface,” played by Al Pacino, is one of the most notorious characters in film history. With his fashionable gangster style, he is someone well worth cosplaying. Follow this costume guide and the world is yours. Accessorize Scarface’s look with a Gold Tone 6mm Chain Link Necklace and a pair of Metal Turbo Sunglasses. You should also arm yourself with a Crossman Stinger R37 Spring Airsoft Gun.

Tony Montana is known best for his White Double-Breasted Dress Suit with a stylish Men’s Regular Fit Dress Shirt. Add the same 100% Silk Red & White Pocket Square to dress up the suit. Cap off the look with a pair of Stacy Adams Atticus Oxford shoes with black Men’s Cotton Socks.

Scarface Cosplay Costumes

The self-coined “Political Refugee,” Tony Montana’s signature suit is easily the most recognizable at any convention. Lucky for you, it’s also a fairly simple costume to pull off. A double-breasted suit in cocaine white with a red collared shirt beneath and a matching pocket square will just about give you the complete look. Add a faux M-16 or two and you’ve got it! For fun, dab some baby powder or corn starch on your nose and upper lip to really sell that final scene.

For group cosplay, you can’t have Tony without Elvira, kid sister Gina, and former best friend and comrade, Manny. Being joined by doomed characters like Frank and Omar would also be a nice twist. Be sure to check out the featured cosplay pics for more style ideas. Since this is a popular cosplay character, we would love for you to send in your pics as well. Show us your best Scarface look!

Scarface Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the intense and gritty world of crime drama with our costume guide FAQ for Tony Montana, famously known as Scarface, from the iconic film “Scarface.” Renowned for his ambitious rise in the Miami underworld, distinctive attire, and memorable quotes, Tony Montana’s look is both powerful and emblematic of 1980s excess. This guide is ideal for fans looking to embody the character’s infamous style at themed parties, cosplay events, or film celebrations, offering insights into recreating Tony Montana’s iconic appearance.

Tony Montana's outfit is characterized by its 1980s luxury and excess. Essential elements include a white or pastel-colored suit, often double-breasted, with wide lapels. Underneath, he wears a solid color or patterned dress shirt, usually with the top few buttons undone, and a matching or contrasting collar. Tony often accessorizes with gold chains or a gold watch, aviator sunglasses, and a red or blue silk handkerchief in the suit's breast pocket. He completes the look with dress shoes, a slicked-back hairstyle, and his signature scar on the left side of his face.

Tony Montana has a slicked-back hairstyle, typical of the 1980s. To achieve this look, use a wig styled in a sleek, back-combed fashion, or style your own hair using gel or pomade to create a glossy, slicked-back appearance.

Tony Montana wears stylish dress shoes, often in black or white, to match his suit. Opt for classic leather dress shoes with a polished look to complement his affluent and powerful persona.

Key accessories for a Tony Montana costume include a gold watch, gold chains, and aviator sunglasses, which reflect his wealth and status. Additionally, makeup or a temporary tattoo can be used to recreate his distinctive scar on the left side of his face. Carrying a prop firearm can add authenticity to the costume but ensure it is clearly identifiable as a fake and complies with event guidelines.

Tony Montana is known for his bold and often aggressive dialogue. Here are some memorable quotes: "Say hello to my little friend!," "The world is yours.," "In this country, you gotta make the money first.," "I always tell the truth. Even when I lie." and "You wanna play rough? Okay. We'll play rough." These quotes capture Tony Montana's ruthless ambition, his approach to power, and his unforgettable presence, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Scarface

We find a perfect example of how power can quickly lead to madness as seen in Tony Montana from the movie Scarface. Able to escape Cuba to start over in Miami, FL, Tony rapidly becomes dissatisfied with his new life and believes he’s worth more than his worth as a dishwasher. He’s shrewd and calculated with an overblown ego that only continues to inflate as he makes his way up the food chain.

His inner circle is tiny, only including wing man Manny, little sister Gina, and resentful mother. This circle would later grow to include Elvira but never like the original three. Through sheer determination, Tony rises to the top. The world is his and seemingly half its drug supply as well. Paranoia from his chronic cocaine use causes his empire to begin crumbling. At one time having it all, in the end, he was left with no friends, family, or allies. He died in a blaze of gunfire and coke dust, a victim of his own excess.


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