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A daring Australian and CEO of Mann Co., Saxton Hale is a wealthy and strong character in the comic series Team Fortress 2. With an aptitude for fighting, drinking, and battling ferocious animals, Saxton Hale is both intimidating and boisterous. Some of his notable actions include sleeping with a wild bear in the Brazilian jungles that he tamed, killing the 4th wealthiest person in America usurping his place on America’s wealthiest list, and intimidating customers who complain about his products.

Perhaps best known for his bulging muscles, Saxton Hale is the typical man’s man who refuses to wear a shirt to show off his muscular body. Get the look of the wealthy and fierce Australian CEO with this Saxton Hale costume guide. Cosplay Saxton’s manly look by wearing Brown Shorts and a Black Belt paired with Brown Socks and Brown Boots. Finish off his signature look with a Brown Cowboy Hat, Fake Mustache, and Chest Hair fashioned in the shape of Australia!

Saxton Hale Cosplay Costumes

Both intimidating and wealthy, Saxton Hale always gets what he wants. His favorite activities include fighting, drinking, and showing around his incredibly muscular body. With testosterone pumping through his veins, Saxton Hale takes down some of his biggest foes, including a yeti who he kills with one final punch that causes the yeti to explode entirely! Cosplay Saxton’s manly look from Team Fortress 2 with brown shorts and a black belt paired with brown socks and shoes. Finish off Saxton’s look with a brown cowboy-style hat, fake mustache, and black watch. Of course, no costume would be complete without his signature Australian-shaped chest hair.

All groups need an antagonist, so make Saxton Hale part of your next Team Fortress 2 cosplay group. Impress at your next party and avoid getting into fights as you indulge in a few of Saxton’s favorite pastimes with Spy, Engineer, Heavy.

Saxton Hale Costume Tips & FAQs

Prepare to embody the rugged, adventurous spirit of Saxton Hale from “Team Fortress 2” with our costume guide FAQ. Saxton Hale, the fearless and muscular CEO in the game, is known for his distinct Australian outback style and larger-than-life persona. This guide is designed to help you capture his iconic look, providing answers to your most pressing questions about creating a costume that exudes strength, bravery, and a bit of wild charm.

Saxton Hale's outfit is simple yet iconic. He typically goes shirtless to showcase his muscular physique and ruggedness. His look includes khaki shorts, a large belt with an oversized buckle, and sometimes a tie. His outfit reflects his tough, outdoorsy nature and his role as a daring adventurer.

Saxton Hale has a strong, square jawline with a prominent chin, often accentuated with face paint or makeup for those looking to mimic his appearance closely. He sports a thick, bushy mustache, which you can replicate with a fake mustache if needed. His hair is short, neat, and often slicked back.

For Saxton Hale's costume, opt for rugged, lace-up boots typically worn in the outback or for hiking. The boots should be sturdy and practical, reflecting his adventurous lifestyle. They can be either dark brown or black.

Saxton Hale is often seen with a slouch hat, an Australian bush hat with one side of the brim turned up. Adding such a hat to your costume can give it an authentic Australian outback feel. You might also consider wearing a large, fake crocodile tooth necklace, as a nod to his adventurous exploits.

Including Saxton Hale's quotes can add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume. Here are some memorable lines: "Saxton Hale!," "I'm going to beat you like a rented mule, boy.," "You're tough as nails, son! Too bad I'm a hammer.," "You call that breaking my spine? You RED team ladies wouldn't know how to break a spine if— Oh, my spine!" and "I did it! I am the best!." These quotes capture Saxton Hale's brash confidence, his fearlessness, and his over-the-top, macho personality.

About Saxton Hale

Typically seen as the anti-hero of the Team Fortress 2 franchise, Saxton Hale is known for his brute force and intimidating tactics. As President and CEO of Mann Co., he was once the sixth wealthiest man in America but moved up to the fourth spot after surpassing the fifth and killing the fourth in a harpoon duel. With a big ego, Saxton takes claim for many achievements, including inventing something as simple as the high five.

However, his biggest achievements include buying the entire country of England and attempting to buy out Apple which turns into a fistfight between him and Steve Jobs. Considering Saxton loves to fight, this scuffle comes as no surprise. Saxton Hale is the typical man’s man who enjoys fighting, drinking, and showing off his muscular body. In fact, he refuses to ever wear a shirt, and as an Aussie, he sports just short shorts paired with boots.  

Saxton Hale

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