How to Dress Like Saul Goodman

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White Polo Shirt
Cinnabon Visor
Gold Vintage Aviator Glasses
Br Ba Periodic Table Symbols Cufflinks
Black Suit
Scales of Justice Lapel Pin
Cinnabon Apron
Black Dress Shoes
Bluetooth Headset
Disposable Vinyl Gloves
Two-tone Dress Shirt w/ Tie

Best Saul Goodman Costume Guide

Saul Goodman is also known as James Morgan “Jimmy” McGill and Gene Takovic. The once criminal lawyer is a former attorney of Saul Goodman & Associates. He used tacky late-night TV commercials to advertise his practice, and they worked very well. Saul was an incredibly effective lawyer who use illegal tactic and dirty schemes to make sure his clients came out on top! Bob Odenkirk portrayed Saul in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and it makes sense why you’d want to dress up as him. Get the look of this sleazy lawyer with this Saul Goodman costume guide.

What you need for this Saul Goodman costume is a black suit, a two-tone dress shirt with tie, black dress shoes, a Bluetooth headset, Scales of Justice lapel pin, a pair of Br Ba periodic table cufflinks, and gold vintage aviator glasses. You could also go as Saul’s alter-ego, Gene, with a Cinnabon visor, Cinnabon apron, white polo shirt, and disposable vinyl gloves.

Saul Goodman Cosplay Costumes

The items to complete your Saul Goodman costume should be pretty easy to put together. Find a slick suit in your closet or borrow one from a friend or family member. Though his office is in a cheap strip mall, Saul is as flashy of a dresser as he is on television in his late-night “Better Call Saul” commercials. Rather than go as the sleazy lawyer, you could instead get in uniform as Gene Takavic managing a Cinnabon restaurant while living in constant fear of exposure of his past criminal life.

If you’re looking to do a group costume for the character from Better Call Saul, you could always find a friend willing to dress as Gus Fring and pretending to be his lawyer. There are countless other creative group cosplay ideas that you could come up with from the hit AMC shows, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Saul Goodman Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the colorful and cunning world of Saul Goodman, the iconic character from “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul.” Known for his flamboyant style, quick wit, and legal maneuvering, Saul Goodman offers a fantastic opportunity for cosplay enthusiasts to dive into the complex universe of one of television’s most memorable lawyers. This guide will help you capture Saul’s distinctive look and persona, ensuring your portrayal is as convincing as it is entertaining.

Saul Goodman's outfit is as bold and unforgettable as his personality, often featuring brightly colored suits that make a statement. Essential elements include a vibrant suit in colors like electric blue, canary yellow, or lavender, paired with a complementary dress shirt and flashy tie. Don't forget his signature American flag pin worn on the lapel, which adds a touch of patriotism to his ensemble. Complete the look with dress shoes and a slicked-back hairstyle to embody Saul's polished yet ostentatious appearance.

To replicate Saul Goodman's hairstyle, aim for a slicked-back look that's both neat and a bit exaggerated, reflective of his flashy persona. Use a strong-hold gel or pomade to achieve the desired effect. Saul's facial features are marked by his confident smile and expressive eyebrows. Practice your best charming yet slightly insincere grin and master the art of raising your eyebrows to convey surprise or skepticism, capturing Saul's ability to navigate any situation.

Enhancing your Saul Goodman costume with the right accessories is crucial for authenticity. Apart from the American flag lapel pin, consider adding a faux Bluetooth earpiece to signify his constant readiness to wheel and deal. A briefcase or document folder can also add to the look, representing his legal profession. For those looking to capture Saul's attention to detail, fake business cards reading "Saul Goodman, Attorney at Law" can be a fun and interactive addition to offer fellow fans.

Adopting Saul Goodman's mannerisms involves channeling his charisma, confidence, and slightly sleazy charm. Speak with a persuasive tone, using your hands to emphasize points as if you're always trying to sell or negotiate something. Saul's humor is sharp and often self-deprecating, so be prepared to deliver witty one-liners with a smirk. Practice walking with a purpose, exuding confidence and readiness to face any challenge head-on.

Saul Goodman is known for his memorable quotes that blend humor, wisdom, and a touch of moral ambiguity. Here are some classic Saul lines: "Better call Saul!," "I'm the guy who knows a guy... who knows another guy.," "You don't need a criminal lawyer. You need a criminal lawyer.," "It's not a crime if you don't get caught." and "I once convinced a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it!." Incorporating these quotes into your portrayal can bring Saul Goodman's cunning and humor to life, making your costume not only visually striking but also character-rich.

About Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman chose to run his law firm out of a cheap strip mall storefront in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yet, his cheesy late-night television ads showed how he could successfully get his clients out on top! When Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, from Breaking Bad, would get into a difficult situation during meth operations, Saul serves as their legal counsel and advisor. He even helped Walter launder drug money.

Saul has contacts with the criminal underground and serves as a connection between drug distributors to help out potential clients. While he may come off as rather flashy and tacky, Saul knows his illegal tactics and loopholes will help get his client out of certain situations to get the criminals a better sentence. But, it isn’t before long that he’s headed to Omaha, Nebraska under the alias Gene Takavic.

Saul Goodman

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