How to Dress Like Sardonyx

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Gothic Punk Tuxedo Jacket
Short Bob Straight Wig
Alien Extraterrestrial Sunglasses
White Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt
Ultra Soft Stirrup Tights
Molded Cup Dot Bodysuit
Flat Back Acrylic Round Cabochon

Best Sardonyx Costume Guide

A headstrong fusion of Garnet and Pearl, Steven Universe’s Sardonyx is a force to be reckoned with, as she will gladly tell you herself. If you’re looking to pull off her look at your next cosplay event, follow our guide, and you’re on your way! Let’s start at the top!

We went with a Short Bob Straight Wig over an Orange Peach PCH Flat Back Acrylic Round Cabochon to represent her head gem. We accessorized with a pair of Alien Extraterrestrial Sunglasses. We picked out a Women’s Molded Cup Dot Bodysuit to go over some Ultra Soft Stirrup Tights. A Gothic Punk Tuxedo Jacket layered over a Women’s White Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt and Bowtie.

Sardonyx Cosplay Costumes

The very dramatic and intelligent Sardonyx is an ambitious cosplay to pull off, but you’re in for some fun. Her hair can be managed with a short peach-colored wig, and while you may not need an actual costume, the hair can be purchased at a local costume shop. A fitted, tailed tuxedo jacket with a wide white band around the waist with a collared shirt and tangerine bow tie will manage the main pieces of her outfit. Add a pair of black leggings, and you’re just about done.

Purchase a stick on gem at a craft shop, and while you’re there, if you’re the creative type, you might want to pick up supplies to make Sardonyx’s extra set of arms. If you’re looking to go en masse to the convention, add on fellow characters like Steven Universe, pre-fusion Garnet and Pearl, or any other of her other friends Crystal Gems or Smoky Quartz. Make sure you check out our featured pics for more style ideas. Send in your own pics as well and share your look!

Sardonyx Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and charismatic world of “Steven Universe” with our Sardonyx costume guide, the fusion of Garnet and Pearl. This FAQ is designed to help you capture the essence of Sardonyx’s flamboyant and theatrical style, reflecting the combined personalities of her components. From her striking color palette to her unique attire and accessories, we’ll guide you through recreating Sardonyx’s larger-than-life look, perfect for cosplay events or themed gatherings.

Sardonyx's outfit is vibrant and sophisticated, mirroring her dynamic personality. Essential elements include a black and white checkerboard patterned bodysuit, a white tuxedo-style tailcoat with a red lining, a giant red bow tie, and white gloves. Her ensemble is completed with black and white striped leggings and red and black shoes. Sardonyx's appearance is also characterized by her large, square-shaped afro and her signature black and white visor.

To mimic Sardonyx's hairstyle, a large, square-shaped afro wig in a reddish-brown color is ideal. You can shape the wig to achieve the boxy look. For her visor, use a black and white material that's semi-transparent. The visor should be large enough to cover the forehead and eyes, resembling sunglasses.

For the tailcoat, use a white fabric with a smooth, elegant finish and line it with red fabric on the inside for the dramatic flair seen in the show. The bodysuit should be made from a stretchy fabric with a checkerboard pattern in black and white. Ensure the bodysuit fits snugly and comfortably.

Key accessories for a Sardonyx costume include her giant red bow tie, which is a standout feature, and white gloves that extend up to the elbows. Additionally, Sardonyx often carries a microphone or a hammer, which are symbolic of her showmanship and strength. These can be crafted from lightweight materials for ease of carrying.

To bring your Sardonyx cosplay to life, consider using some of her memorable lines from "Steven Universe," such as: "Good evening, everybody! This is the lovely Sardonyx, coming to you a-live from the soon-to-be former communication hub!," "It's showtime!," "I'm not strong enough to do anything!," "Oh ho ho! I am just too much, aren't I?" and "Well, I think we both already know the answer." These quotes capture Sardonyx's theatrical and confident personality, adding an extra layer of authenticity and fun to your portrayal.

About Sardonyx

With a combination of both Pearl’s and Garnet’s personality, Sardonyx treats the world as if she is its master of ceremonies. She is witty and sharp-tongued in her own haughty way, and though she is comedic in her delivery, she can quickly hit her serious switch when the need arrives. When she’s needed, she abandons her cocksure attitude and gets the job done. Rather than remaining after the mission is accomplished, Sardonyx immediately un-fuses once her task is complete.

Much like the rest of the Crystal Gems, Sardonyx really likes Steven Universe. She finds herself in his company often enough that she greets him with joy and an embrace. To further show her regard for him, she will tell him jokes and perform tricks to entertain him. When battling, Sardonyx is precise and elegant. She also manages to come off playful, kidding with her audiences and battle opponents. She is a tactical and intelligent and picky about who she does and doesn’t like.


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