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Sarah Lynn Costume Guide

Best Sarah Lynn Costume Guide

Sarah Lynn is a former pop star and actress in Netflix’s animated series Bojack Horseman. Forced into acting at a young age, Sarah Lynn follows the steps of many former child actors and eventually finds herself to be a washed-up at thirty-year-old with a substance abuse problem. With a troubled childhood and a mother who forced her to become an actress, Sarah Lynn is unhappy and struggles to trust those around her. With fame comes fake people and at thirty-years-old, Sarah Lynn realizes she has few genuine friends.

Get the look of the reckless and troubled former pop star with this Sarah Lynn costume guide. Cosplay Sarah Lynn’s look by wearing a Sarah Lynn Signature Shirt paired with Black Shorts and Gold Sneakers. Complete her look with Red Lipstick and Dark Eyeshadow to recreate her dark circles and show how tired and troubled she really is.

Sarah Lynn Cosplay Costumes

Though Sarah Lynn once saw success as a child actress, she eventually became a pop star as a teenager. As a pop singer, she became the “sexy new singer” of Hollywood. But like many celebrities, Sarah Lynn found herself irrelevant and unwanted as younger, sexier singers emerged on the scene. Unfortunately, Sarah Lynn turns to drugs and alcohol to cope with the changes in her life. Her life becomes reckless and troubled. Cosplay Sarah Lynn’s look from Netflix’s Bojack Horseman with her signature lavender shirt and black shorts. Sarah Lynn wraps up her look with gold sneakers. Finally, add red lipstick and some eye shadow to fully depict the look of the former pop princess turned drug addict.

But don’t party alone! Make a grand entrance with your closest friends as you cosplay with your one friend and confidante Bojack Horseman or Mr. Peanutbutter. With costumes this fun, you can let the party continue all night long!

About Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn first meets Bojack Horseman when she stars as his adopted daughter on the television show, “Horsin’ Around.” At just three years old, Sarah Lynn quickly rose to fame despite acting being forced upon her by her mother. She rolls with the punches, and at 18-years-old, Sarah Lynn releases her first song and becomes the new sexy pop singer. However, Sarah Lynn had a rude awakening when she turns thirty-years-old and is no longer relevant in the Hollywood scene. Sarah Lynn then turns to drugs and alcohol and becomes reckless and self-destructive. 

While Sarah Lynn lives life with reckless abandon, she forms a close bond with Bojack, who enables her self-destructive behavior and goes on benders with her. She reveals to Bojack that she is unhappy with her life and wants to be an architect which becomes her final words. After their bender, Sarah Lynn succumbs to the drugs, leaving Bojack heartbroken and regretful.

Sarah Lynn

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