How to Dress Like Sapphire

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Sky Blue Long Curly Wig
Puff Sleeve Slim Fit Button Down Shirt Blouse
Cowl Neck Casual Stretchy Top
Vintage Double Layer Chiffon Pleat Maxi Long Skirt Dress
Tulip Permanent Fabric Dye- Royal Blue
40mm Blue Sapphire Acrylic Gems
Snazaroo Classic Face Paint, 18ml,Sky Blue
Long 4-Way Stretch Matte Finish Satin Dress Gloves
Retro White Victorian Apron with Bib and Pockets

Best Sapphire Costume Guide

The style of Sapphire from the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe, takes a dedicated cosplayer and a fairly huge fan of the color blue. After Sapphire accidentally fuses with one of her guards, Ruby, she flees and joins the Crystal Gems. This costume guide can have you following in Sapphire’s blue footsteps at your next convention or costume party.

First, add a Sky Blue Long Curly Wig and some Snazaroo Face Paint. And for her gems, use Blue Sapphire Acrylic Gems. Get in costume with a Puff Sleeve Button Down BlouseCowl Neck Stretchy TopVintage Chiffon Maxi Skirt, and Long White Satin Dress Gloves. Use Royal Blue Permanent Fabric Dye to get the White Victorian Apron the same shade.

Sapphire Cosplay Costumes

Cosplaying Sapphire’s look will consist mostly of blue pieces. If you’re having a hard time matching blues, any light colored garment can be dyed to a uniform blue. Her upper arms and face are a delightful shade of sky blue and can be pulled off using standard face paint from any costume shop. The only two pieces in her entire outfit that aren’t blue are her gloves and her apron. These pieces are of a starched white.

To truly make this look happen, the bangs of your blue wig need to cover your eyes. Sapphire only has one eye, which can easily be painted on as well but routinely, it is hidden behind her hair. If you’re looking to cosplay as a group, there are a fair number of fellow Steven Universe you can include like, Sapphires fusion partner Ruby, or their fusion form of Garnet. Naturally, someone can go as the title character Steven Universe too! Be sure to look at our featured pics. Send in your own and inspire other cosplayers!

Sapphire Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the mystical and animated world of “Steven Universe” with our Sapphire costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to help you recreate the serene and elegant appearance of Sapphire, one of the beloved Gem characters. Known for her regal presence and striking blue theme, our guide will focus on the essential elements of Sapphire’s look, from her flowing gown to her distinctive single eye and blue hair, ensuring your cosplay resonates with her character’s ethereal beauty.

Sapphire's outfit is elegant and simple, reflective of her calm and composed nature. The key elements include a long, flowing blue gown with a split on one side, a pair of blue gloves or arm sleeves that extend to her upper arms, and light blue, flat shoes. Sapphire's single large eye, which is a prominent feature, can be emphasized with makeup or a face paint.

Sapphire has voluminous, dark blue hair that's styled upwards and back, resembling an elegant updo. A dark blue wig styled accordingly would be ideal. For her single eye, use face paint or makeup to create a large, expressive eye on your forehead, symbolizing her third eye and unique vision powers.

Choose a fabric with a flowing quality, like satin or chiffon, in a royal or deep blue color for Sapphire's gown. The dress should be floor-length and have a graceful, ethereal feel to it. A split on one side of the gown adds to the authenticity of the character's design.

Sapphire's look is quite minimalist, but you can include her light blue, flat shoes and blue gloves or arm sleeves that reach up to the upper arms. These accessories should match the color of the gown for a cohesive look. Additionally, considering Sapphire's future vision abilities, carrying a small, decorative crystal ball could be a fun and thematic prop.

To bring your Sapphire cosplay to life, consider using some of her memorable lines from "Steven Universe," such as: "I can see so many things that can happen.," "It's not about me, it's about us.," "I have more important things to worry about than my form.," "I foresee that this will work out." and "We must be prepared for anything." These quotes capture Sapphire's foresight, her deep connection with Ruby, and her calm, composed demeanor, adding an extra layer of depth to your portrayal.

About Sapphire

Sapphire is an official Crystal Gem Member. Patient and more compassionate than her counterparts, Sapphire is fair-minded and cool-headed. Gifted with foresight, she is distant in her interactions with others despite her warm personality. Her foreknowledge keeps her ever mindful of her duty and desire to make the right choices that will reflect what she sees in her visions. This often results in her inability to feel things in the present.

Sapphires casual approach to the present makes her appear aggressive in unassertive ways. Most often fused with Ruby to create Garnet, she is the more social of the two. Her special abilities include a form of clairvoyance as well as the standard abilities awarded a Gem like shape-shifting, taking refuge in her gemstone to heal when wounded and fusion. She is also capable of Levitation, Cryokinesis and Enhanced Speed.


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