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Best Samara Morgan Costume Guide

Samara Morgan is the main character appearing in the supernatural horror film, The Ring. The series of films are adaptations of the original Japanese film. This creepy, water-logged ghost has the supernatural ability to burn horrendous images into the minds of her victims, causing them to commit suicide or suffer from mental distress. While Samara Morgan is an evil character, her back-story elicits some sympathy toward this girl who was badly mistreated from birth, eventually killed by her adopted mother then left to suffer for eternity until her evil was once again released to the world. Get the look of the ghost of a young mass murderer with this Samara Morgan costume guide.

If you want to cosplay into this vengeful ghost from, The Ring, you’ll need a Victorian-Style Nightgown, Long Hair Black Wig, Body Paint, White Gothic Foundation, and what horror costume would be complete without some Fake Blood.

Samara Morgan Cosplay Costumes

While the image of a long-haired girl with her face covered has been used in Japanese horror films for a long time, the remake of The Ring was perhaps where it was first introduced to mainstream Western audiences. The audiences immediately fell in love with this “new” breed of horror. Due to the huge success of The Ring series, Samara Morgan has become horror films’ most identifiable characters.

So, if you’re going to attend a comic-con dressed as this malevolent ghost that is bent on revenge, you can guarantee this costume is going to be a huge hit! Maybe get some friends together to join you dressed as their favorite horror legends–there’s no shortage of character costume guides on Costume Wall. Don’t forget to send us a photo of you dressed up as Samara Morgan after assembling your costume.

Samara Morgan Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the haunting and eerie realm of Samara Morgan from “The Ring” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Embrace the chilling presence of this iconic horror movie character as we guide you through creating a spine-tingling and authentic portrayal.

Samara Morgan's costume is characterized by its simplicity and haunting appearance. Key components include a long, white, tattered nightgown that appears aged and slightly soiled. Her most defining feature is her long, black hair that covers her face, creating an air of mystery and terror. The hair should be straight and unkempt, contributing to her ghostly appearance.

To replicate Samara's pale, almost lifeless skin, use a light or white face paint as a base. Apply it evenly on your face, neck, and any other exposed skin. You might want to add subtle grey or blue undertones to enhance the corpse-like effect. Avoid using any blush or warm tones, as her complexion is notably colorless.

Look for a long, black wig that reaches at least to your waist. The wig should be straight and have the ability to fall in front of your face easily, mimicking the iconic scenes where Samara's face is obscured by her hair. If the wig isn't naturally unkempt, you can gently tease it to create a more disheveled look.

To enhance the authenticity of Samara's nightgown, make it look old and worn. You can achieve this by staining it with tea or coffee for an aged effect, and adding rips or fraying the edges for a tattered appearance. The goal is to make the nightgown appear as if it's been underwater, reflecting her backstory.

Samara's movements are slow, deliberate, and often unsettling. Practice moving with a haunting, gliding motion, and use jerky, unnatural movements to startle those around you. The most iconic behavior is her crawling motion, especially as seen in the scene where she emerges from the television. You can also mimic the way she tilts her head, with her hair covering her face, adding to the eerie effect.

About Samara Morgan

Samara Morgan is the vengeful ghost who wrecks havoc in the popular movies, The Ring, The Ring 2, and Rings. Her character is based on Sadako Yamamura from the original Japanese version of The Ring. Samara was born with evil inside of her, and while the source of her supernatural power is not quite known, they certainly exist and led to her biological mother trying to drown her.

Following this incident, Samara was adopted by another family, however, she accidentally used her abilities to burn horrifying images into her adoptive mother’s mind. Unable to cope, her adoptive mother pushes her into a well where she drowns. Not to be defeated, Samara is unleashed back into the world as a ghost.

When a group of high school students staying in a remote cabin watches an old videotape which has been cursed by Samara’s spirit. Anybody who watches the tape has a 7-day deadline where they are tormented by the ghost of Samara Morgan until their ultimate death.

Samara Morgan

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