How to Dress Like Samantha Cook (Ready Player One)

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Black Tights
Sweater Cardigan
Orange Short Hair Wig
Denim Shorts
Brown Boots
Black Tank Top

Best Samantha Cook Costume Guide

Samantha Cook is one of the major characters in Steven Spielberg’s 2018 film Ready Player One, based on the novel by Ernest Cline. She is a gunter, which is a term used in the film for a player who searches for the mysterious Halliday’s Easter Eggs. She is shown to have exceptional knowledge when it comes to egg hunting, and even write a popular blog on the subject. Within the virtual reality world of OASIS, Samantha uses the name Art3mis, after the Greek goddess of the hunt.

Main character Wade Watts (Parzival) has a huge crush on Samantha, but she is so dedicated to the hunt that she refuses to acknowledge she may feel the same until the hunt is finally over. If you want to cosplay this cool Samantha Cook character, you’ll just need a Black Tank Top, Sweater Cardigan, Denim Shorts, Black Tights, Brown Boots, and an Orange Short Hair Wig.

Samantha Cook Cosplay Costumes

Ready Player One was a big hit for director Steven Spielberg, proving that while the decades pass, his ability to make films with captivating and memorable characters remains as strong as ever. Considering the success of his movies over the years and the number of significant characters he has brought to life on the silver screen, Samantha Cook won’t be the only Spielberg character you see at any pop-culture event.

As Samantha, you could get some friends together and pay homage to the legendary director dressed as a range of Spielberg characters in tribute of the iconic director. Indiana JonesE.T., Hook, Jurassic Park, and The BFG are all popular examples to choose from. Maybe it’s just Ready Player One that you’re in love with, so get your friends cosplaying Wade Watts or Halliday, and you’re all Ready, Player One!

Samantha Cook Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the vibrant and adventurous world of “Ready Player One” with our Samantha Cook (also known as Art3mis) costume guide FAQ. Samantha Cook, a prominent character in the story, is known for her unique and spirited style in both the virtual world of the OASIS and the real world. This guide focuses on recreating her real-world look, providing fans with tips to capture her distinctive style, whether for cosplay events, themed parties, or as a tribute to this dynamic character.

In the real world, Samantha Cook sports a casual, punk-inspired look. Key elements include a leather jacket or a denim vest, layered over graphic t-shirts, distressed jeans or black pants, and combat boots. Her hair is short and dyed in a vibrant color, often a shade of red or pink, reflecting her bold personality.

Samantha's hair is one of her most distinctive features. It's short, choppy, and dyed in a bright color. To replicate this, you could opt for a temporary hair dye in a vibrant red or pink, or use a wig if you prefer. The hairstyle is edgy and modern, so a pixie cut or a short, asymmetrical bob would work well.

Samantha's jacket is typically a leather biker jacket or a denim vest, often adorned with patches, pins, or other embellishments. This adds to her rebellious and individualistic style. Look for a jacket or vest with a similar rugged and customized appearance.

To enhance your Samantha Cook costume, consider accessories that reflect her punk-inspired style. This can include studded bracelets, a choker necklace, and graphic patches or pins for your jacket or vest. A pair of aviator sunglasses could also add to the cool, confident vibe of her character.

Samantha Cook is known for her intelligence, determination, and a bit of a rebellious streak. Portraying her with confidence and a sense of purpose will capture her essence. She's also a skilled gamer and hacker, so incorporating tech-savvy elements or gestures, like pretending to use a virtual interface, can add depth to your costume.

About Samantha Cook

Samantha Cook is one of the main characters in the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One. Fans of the book would know that it was given the blockbuster film treatment in 2018, by screen legend Steven Spielberg. Samantha is obsessed with hunting for Halliday’s Easter Eggs in OASIS,  the virtual reality world created by the mysterious game maker. In OASIS she uses the avatar and screen name of Art3mis, which is taken from the Greek goddess of the hunt.

Samantha writes a blog on the topic of gunting (egg hunting), titled Arty’s Missives, and she is also the subject of a crush by the film’s main character Wade Watts. Her dedication to tracking down Halliday’s eggs is so extreme though that she sees Wade as a competitor and refuses to show any affection in return until the hunt is over, for fear that a love interest would distract her from her ultimate goal.

Samantha Cook

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