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The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume Dress
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Best Sally Costume Guide

Get in costume as Sally, the creation on Dr. Finkelstein that has a crush on Jack Skellington in the Disney movie Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. The ragdoll creation made of various pieces stitched together reveals her true love Jack in the The Nightmare Before Christmas. Dress up to look like Sally with a Dark Red Long Straight Cosplay Costume Wig, The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume Dress, The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Tights, White and Black Stripe Socks, and a pair of Women’s Dame-05 Ankle Boot. Be ready to join Halloween Town for their yearly celebration with Snazaroo Classic Face Paint, Lip Stain Crayon By Jing Ai, and a complete Sally Makeup Tutorial on YouTube.

Sally Cosplay Costumes

Perhaps you want to dress as Sally for a couples cosplay with your partner but you’re not exactly sure where to start? If that’s the case, it’s best for you to start with a long red wig and find a tutorial online to replicate her face with some face paints. Next, you’ll need to grab Sally’s dress which you can find online or at any costume shop. You’ll also need some of Sally’s tights, her black and white striped socks and her black booties. Finish off her look with a red lip and you’ll be good to go as Sally! Send us a photo of what you come up especially if you do a couples cosplay with Jack and don’t forget to look at the other photos we have featured for you!

Sally Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by transforming into Sally, the rag doll with a heart of gold. Our Sally costume guide FAQ is here to assist you in recreating her unique and colorful appearance, answering key questions about embodying this beloved character.

Sally's outfit is a patchwork dress featuring various patterns and colors, predominantly in shades of teal, purple, and black. Along with the dress, create a look with light blue body paint or makeup for her skin, and add stitching details across the face and limbs to mimic her rag doll appearance.

You can either sew a patchwork dress using different pieces of fabric in varying patterns or buy a ready-made dress resembling Sally's. Look for fabrics with checks, stripes, and floral patterns to closely match her iconic dress.

Sally has long, bright red hair. A wig with a wavy texture and a deep red or auburn color would be ideal. If you have long hair, you can also dye it temporarily and style it to match Sally's look.

For Sally's makeup, use a light blue base for the face and body. Add details like big eyes with heavy eyeliner and long lashes, thin black eyebrows, and a small red mouth. Don't forget to add the stitching details with black eyeliner or face paint.

Bringing Sally's character to life with her quotes can add depth to your portrayal. Here are some memorable ones: "I sense there's something in the wind, that feels like tragedy's at hand.," "You're not ready for so much excitement.," "I had the most terrible vision.," "It was about your Christmas. There was smoke... and fire!" and "But it seems wrong to me. Very wrong." These quotes reflect Sally's caring nature, her foresight, and her deep feelings for Jack Skellington, adding layers to her character in your costume portrayal.

About Sally

Sally is the secret admirer of Jack Skellington and also the creation of Dr. Finklestein. She has admired Jack from afar for quite some while but she’s always too shy to say anything about it. She happens to know of Jack’s plan to bring Christmas to Halloween Town but she knows it’s actually a bad idea due to a premonition she had. While helping Jack, she finally admits how she feels for him towards the end of the movie but it seems he knew a bit before she ever told him how she felt.

Sally also happens to be in the three Kingdom Hearts games and helps the character defeat Oogie Boogie. She plays an important part in the third one because when she dances with Jack, she causes Sora to think of his girlfriend.  Sally is a character that many fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas franchise love and it’s easy to see why.


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