How to Dress Like Sagat

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Vampire Blood Gel
Pirate Eye Patch
Boxing Shorts
Athletic Tape
Fake Zombie Scars

Best Sagat Costume Guide

Sagat, a character from the popular video games series Street Fighter, is one of the most powerful fighters of the game Street Fighter. In fact, he’s so powerful that in the very first Street Fighter, he was the final boss. It was in an update to the second game, Street Fighter II, that he become a playable character.

Dressing up like Sagat is one of the easiest cosplays ever. To dress up like him, you’ll need to put on a pair of Boxing Shorts and wear his signature Pirate Eye Patch. Then, it’s just a matter of getting yourself some athletic tape and building it up on your hands and legs. After that, it’s easy. Put on the Fake Zombie Scars and make it look realistic by dabbing it with Vampire Blood Gel.

Sagat Cosplay Costumes

Sagat is a proud and haughty character with some of the most destructive moves in Street Fighter history. His signature moves are the Tiger Cannon and Tiger Destruction. Acting out some of his moves will definitely make cosplaying Sagat much more effective.

Also, since you’re cosplaying the powerful Sagat, you have lots of other fighters you can pair him up with. Gather your friends and start planning the most powerful team-up ever. As a start, we’d suggest one of your friends cosplay with fellow fighter, Ryu. But while Ryu’s the obvious pair, you still have unlimited possibilities with characters from other universes like Tekken and Mortal Kombat being ideal choices.

Take a look at the featured images for additional ideas and inspiration. Send us pics of your cosplays as Sagat, we would love to check them out!

Sagat Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the competitive world of “Street Fighter” with our costume guide for Sagat, the formidable Muay Thai fighter known for his towering stature and impressive skills. As one of the original bosses in the Street Fighter series, Sagat’s look is both iconic and intimidating, making it a perfect choice for fans looking to embody this powerful character at cosplay events, martial arts demonstrations, or gaming conventions. This guide will help you recreate Sagat’s signature style, capturing his blend of martial prowess and distinctive appearance.

Sagat's outfit is minimalistic, reflecting his focus on combat efficiency. Key components include navy blue or black Muay Thai shorts with a yellow trim and the word "Tiger" printed on the waistband, in homage to his nickname "The Tiger." He is bare-chested, showcasing his muscular build and a large, vertical scar on his chest. Sagat wears hand and ankle wraps, and is often depicted as being barefoot. His look is completed with his bald head and an eye patch over his right eye.

To mimic Sagat's muscular build, consider wearing a muscle suit under the shorts or using body paint to create the appearance of defined muscles. The large scar on his chest, a key feature of his character, can be recreated with makeup or prosthetic scar material.

Sagat is typically barefoot in his fights, reflecting his Muay Thai fighting style. If footwear is necessary, opt for minimalist shoes or sandals that are unobtrusive and maintain the barefoot appearance.

Key accessories for a Sagat costume include his eye patch, which is a significant part of his character's history and appearance. Additionally, wrapping your hands and ankles with cloth wraps or using Muay Thai-style hand and ankle guards will add authenticity to the costume.

Sagat is known for his competitive spirit and martial arts mastery. Here are some ideas for quotes and actions: "Tiger Uppercut!," "You are not a warrior, you're a beginner!" and "I am the king!." These actions and quotes capture Sagat's essence as a fierce competitor and skilled Muay Thai fighter, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Sagat

Sagat was born in Thailand. As a former member of the powerful Shadaloo organization, Sagat was the final boss in Street Fighter I. He is known as “Emperor of Muay Thai” due to his superb Muay Thai fighting style. Although he is proud and likes to belittle his opponents, he is completely fair in his fighting practices and hates anyone who uses unhonorable means to win fights.

His biggest opponent and the one he considers worthy of fighting is none other than the lead character, Ryu. This is due to the fact that after a very long time, only Ryu was able to defeat Sagat in a final battle, which resulted in heavy damage to his chest. Sagat isn’t afraid to show this wound to his chest and even uses it to evoke emotions of hatred to win battles. He is not inherently evil and has the capacity for goodness, making him a highly unique character to cosplay.


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