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Nike Team USA Windrunner Hoodie
1st Place Gold Medallion
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Swim Goggle
Nike Premier Fleece Pants
Ryan LOCHTE Speedo Swim Cap
Jerome Russell Platinum Blonde Highlight Spray
Nike Men's Free Flyknit 4.0

Best Ryan Lochte Costume Guide

Gear up for the like Ryan Lochte, the American competitive swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist who created an international controversy while competing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the 2016 Summer Olympics. His claims that he and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint which later turned out to be largely exaggerated. Get the swimmer’s look with a Nike Team USA Windrunner Hoodie, Nike Premier Fleece Pants, a pair of Nike Men’s Free Flyknit 4.0 shoes, and a 1st Place Gold Medallion. Match up with the former World Swimmer of the Year Award winner with a pair of Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Swim Goggles, Ryan Lochte Speedo Swim Cap,  and Platinum Blonde Highlight Spray to get the same crazy hair color as Lochte at the 2016 Summer Olympics.


Ryan Lochte Cosplay Costumes

Have you ever had the desire to dress up as an Olympian for Halloween? If so, how would you feel about dressing up as 12-time medalist, Ryan Lochte? While he may have made headlines with his scandal, you’ll make them for how awesome a costume you have going on. You’ll need a Nike Team USA hoodie, Nike fleece pants, Nike Flyknit 4.0 and Ryan Lochte’s swim cap. Before putting on the swim cap, don’t forget to spray your hair a platinum blonde if it isn’t already! The last things you’ll need is his goggles and 1st place medal to place around your neck. Gather a few friends dressed as swimmers and you’ll be ready for a group cosplay! Don’t forget to view our featured photos and send us a few of your creation! We’d love to see how similar a look you get to the Olympic medalist himself.

Ryan Lochte Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the world of Olympic swimming with our Ryan Lochte costume guide FAQ. This section is dedicated to helping you capture the athletic and charismatic essence of one of America’s most decorated swimmers, ensuring your costume is as authentic and dynamic as Lochte’s persona.

Key elements of a Ryan Lochte swimming costume include a competitive swimming brief or jammer, typically in a vibrant color or with an eye-catching design. Additionally, a USA swim team cap, swim goggles, and often a medal or two to signify his Olympic achievements are essential.

Ryan Lochte is known for his unique hairstyles and colors, especially during the Olympics. To replicate this, consider temporary hair dye in colors like icy blue or silver. For his hairstyle, a short, slightly spiked look will be ideal.

Ryan Lochte has been associated with several swim gear brands throughout his career. Look for jammers or swim briefs from brands like Speedo or TYR. For goggles, choosing a pair with a mirrored finish will give an authentic Lochte look.

To mimic Ryan Lochte, adopt a confident and relaxed posture. He's often seen with a charming smile and a laid-back attitude. In photos, he might pose with a 'hang loose' hand gesture, reflecting his easygoing personality.

Adding Ryan Lochte's quotes or catchphrases to your costume can bring an extra layer of realism. Some of his memorable phrases include: "Jeah!," "The more I train, the more I realize I have more speed in me.," "I'm just going to keep on dreaming, keep on believing.," "I don’t think about the medal count. I’m just swimming." and "I go into each competition knowing what I want to do, knowing what I'm capable of, and just swim." These quotes and catchphrases capture Lochte's competitive spirit, his dedication to swimming, and his laid-back, confident personality.

About Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte is an Olympic swimmer with the winnings of twelve medals which puts him right behind Michael Phelps. He actually holds the world record for the 4×200-meter freestyle and the 4×100-meter freestyle (mixed) relay for the American team.

While Ryan may be known for his excellent swimming skills, he’s currently known for something a bit differently recently. Ryan and another claimed that they and some of their teammates had been robbed at gunpoint and forced out of their taxi in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Security reviewed the footage and concluded that security had pulled a gun after a few teammates were found vandalizing a bathroom. Ryan admitted he may have exaggerated the story and it was found that he was one of the people responsible for the vandalization. He ended up being suspended from swimming for about ten months but Ryan claimed that being suspended only helped him come back stronger from it.

Ryan Lochte

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