How to Dress Like Ryan Hoover

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Ryan Hoover Costume Guide
Crewneck Merino Sweater
Fitted Spread-Collar Sport Shirt
Philz Ceramic Mug
Leather Belt
Apple 15" MacBook Pro
Levi's 511 Slim Fit Jeans
La Croix Sparkling Water
Product Hunt Glasshole Kitty Sticker
K-Swiss Fashion Sneakers

Best Ryan Hoover Costume Guide

Ryan Hoover first created Product Hunt as a simple mailing list with Linkydink while drinking his pour over at Philz Coffee on November 6, 2013. Ryan’s side project for checking out new and interesting products quickly grew into the site Fast forward a few months and Ryan was attending Y Combinator’s summer class of 2014. Ryan was awarded a Crunchie that year for the “best new startup” The site billed as  “The best new products, every day” was acquired by AngelList in 2016. Get the look of the Silicon Valley entrepreneur with this Ryan Hoover costume guide.

Cosplay Ryan Hoover by wearing a Fitted Spread-Collar Sports Shirt, Crewneck Merino Sweater, Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans, Leather Belt, and a pair of K-Swiss Fashion Sneakers. Get all of Ryan’s accessories by adding an Apple 15″ MacBook Pro, Philz Ceramic Mug, La Croix Sparkling Water, and a Product Hunt Glasshole Kitty Sticker.

Ryan Hoover Cosplay Costumes

Get hunting as the emojii dropping founder and CEO of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover. The self-proclaimed product guy has a typical Silicon Valley look. A similar outfit like Ryan Hoover’s can be easily put together. But, to get this look, it’s all about the accessories. Bring along an Apple 15″ MacBook Pro with a Product Hunt Glasshole Kitty Sticker on the back. Of course, you’ll need to be sipping your beverage of choice—Philz coffee or La Croix.

If you’re dressing up like Ryan Hoover, you won’t want to go out alone on Halloween with this look. Grab a few friends to go along with a Silicon Valley group cosplay. Have your friends dress up like other Silicon Valley titans like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. If you follow this Ryan Hoover costume guide, make sure to send in a picture to be posted in the cosplay gallery!

About Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover grew up in Oregon, but moved to San Francisco shortly after graduating from the University of Oregon. While working as the Director of Product at PlayHaven, he started a little mailing list to send his friends the best new products each day. That mailing list called Product Hunt soon grew into the website that features “the best new products, every day.” Ryan was invited to attend Y Combinator summer class 2014. This was just the beginning.

After raising a Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz, Ryan and team began building Product Hunt into a site where users can submit, upvote, and comment on new products. The incredibly popular site now features games and books categories that now also has a complimentary iPhone app. Ryan Hoover continues to build Product Hunt as the CEO since it was acquired by AngelList in 2016.

Ryan Hoover

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