How to Dress Like Russell

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Russell Costume Guide
Ellie Badge Pin
Wilderness Explorer Iron On Patch
USA Patch
Yellow Cap
Orange Neckerchief
Neckerchief Slide
Orange Camping Backpack
Boy Shout Shirt
Badge Sash
Red Rope
Toy Binoculars
Brown Shorts
Army Style Flashlight
Felt Circles
Hiking Boots
Golden Bugle
White Crew Socks

Best Russell Costume Guide

Russell is the cute little guy that we can’t get enough of in the Disney Pixar movie, Up! Russell only has one more badge left to become a Senior Wilderness Explorer. He has to help the elderly, and of course, he comes across grumpy, old Carl Fredricksen. Carl doesn’t want any help and shoo’s the boy away, but now they’re on a journey of a lifetime and there’s no turning back! Get the look of the lovable 9-year old Wilderness Explorer with this Russell costume guide.

Russell has quite the collection of badges, so you’ll need to step up your game for this costume! Start out with the basics for this look—Boy Scout Shirt, Brown Shorts, a Yellow Cap, White Crew Socks, Hiking Boots, and an Orange Camping Backpack. Add an Orange Scarf around your neck with a Neckerchief Slide. Now, you’re going to need that important Badge Sash. Add A LOT of Felt Circles on your Badge Sash along with a USA Patch, Wilderness Explorer Iron On Patch, and an Ellie Badge Pin. Russell can’t go on an adventure without all of his accessories. So, load up with an Army Style Flashlight, Red Rope, Golden Bugle, and of course a pair of Toy Binoculars.

Russell Cosplay Costumes

Russell’s character from the movie Disney Pixar’s Up is not a complicated costume to put together, but really fun! Russell is proud of all of his badges and wearing this costume, you should be too! Let’s help track down all the pieces for this costume and the best places to find them. We recommend getting all of the badges, boy scout clothing, and neckerchiefs online to make sure you get the closest match possible. Most of these items like the insect net, multi tool, flashlight, and binoculars are going to be easy to find at a local outdoor store. Lastly, you can find an affordable bugle online so you don’t have to spend a ton of money.

Since Russell didn’t go on this adventure alone, you know it’s time for a group cosplay! Get your best friend to tag along as Carl Fredricksen, and you could even get someone to dress as Dug to complete the look! Send us a picture of your Russell costume once you have it all put together. Keep an eye out in the costume gallery to see if your cosplay picture pops up!

About Russell

Russell, from the Disney Pixar movie Up, is out minding his business one day, trying to collect his final badge to make him a Senior Wilderness Explorer in the boy scouts when he comes across the 78-years old and cranky, Carl Fredricksen. This is the perfect opportunity for Russell to get his “Assisting the Elderly” badge. Carl quickly turns Russell away, and then lifts his house high into the sky with thousands of balloons! Well, little did Carl know that Russell was hanging on for dear life.

The two unlikely friends ending up traveling on this adventure together and became quite close. The two saved each other lives in more ways than one. They truly learned a lot about each other and themselves along this journey. Russell can be loud, anxious, hyperactive, and downright annoying, but that didn’t stop him from helping Carl and achieving his goal of Senior Wilderness Explorer!


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