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Ruby Costume Guide
Dark Red Wig
Burgundy Ribbon
Red Bodysuit with Open Face
Flatback Ruby Gemstone
Red Face Paint
Brown One Piece Jumpsuit
Burgundy Tank Top
Brown Wrist Sweatband
Burgundy Wrist Sweatband
Burgundy Ankle Boot

Best Ruby Halloween Costume Guide

After 5,750 years, Ruby is still going strong as a Crystal Gem! Her character from Steven Universe made her debut on the episode “Jail Break” in March of 2015. Her burgundy skin may give off the feeling that she has a short temper- and that’s true, she does! Don’t let that fool you though, because she is just as compassionate as anyone could possibly be!

Get Ruby’s look with a Dark Red Wig, a Burgundy Ribbon, a Red Bodysuit with Open Face, a Flatback Ruby Gemstone, Red Face Paint, a Brown One Piece Jumpsuit, a Burgundy Tank Top, a Brown Wrist Sweatband and a Burgundy Wrist Sweatband, and Burgundy Ankle Boots. Her entire look resembles that of a Ruby if you didn’t catch that by her name!

Ruby Cosplay Costumes

Crystal Gems from Steven Universe are up and coming in the popularity factor for cosplay outfits, and now you can be a part of the fad! Ruby’s costume is an easy one to recreate, and you probably have more of the pieces you need than you think! Her costume is all about layering. So, stick with us and we’ll show you exactly how to recreate her look in the easiest and best way!

Ruby’s costume is all about how you layer the pieces, so you’ll want to start by putting on a red bodysuit first. The next layer is the brown short body suit followed by the burgundy tank top. Now you can add burgundy and brown wrist sweatbands. Throw on a pair of burgundy ankle boots, a dark brown or dark red short wig, and then tie a burgundy ribbon around your head. You officially look just like Ruby! Send us a quick picture of your Crystal Gem look, and take a look at the other Ruby recreations in our gallery for some more ideas!

About Ruby

Ruby is one of the many Crystal Gems that you probably recognize from the hit cartoon show, Steven Universe. Ruby is much like the other Crystal Gem’s, but of course has her own quirks and personality traits. Her appearance is definitely that of what you would imagine someone named Ruby. From her skin all the way to her hair and clotting, she is made up of different deep reds. Even her short temper gets hot quickly!

Ruby is a compassionate and emotional Crystal Gem though, even with her temper tantrums. She is also known for being the flirtatious Gem out the the bunch, and can be quite romantic! One of her skills is that she can control the temperature in the room. She can bring up the heat just by controlling it with her mind! When she is super angry, Ruby can even catch things on fire by the simple touch of her hand. Watch out girl, you are hot!


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