How to Dress Like Ruby Roundhouse

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Ruby Roundhouse Costume Guide
Women's Crop Top
Black Leather Vest
Cargo Shorts
Fingerless Gloves
Adjustable Choker
Brown Utility Belt
Knee High Boots

Best Ruby Roundhouse Halloween Costume Guide

With the latest addition to the Jumanji franchise, the 2017 movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, there are a few new characters that will be awesome to cosplay! Among these characters from the movie is Ruby Roundhouse, the foxy, don’t-get-in-her-way, girl played by Karen Gillan. Don’t let her lack of clothing fool you, she can out safari all of the guys in the Jumanji game without breaking a sweat. Get the looks of the Jumanji avatar with this Ruby Roundhouse costume guide.

Cosplay Ruby Roundhouse by going on the hunt for a Women’s Crop Top, Black Leather Vest, and Cargo Shorts. Be ready to venture in the jungle dressed in a pair of Knee High Boots and a Brown Utility Belt. Finally, add some Fingerless Gloves and an Adjustable Choker to get Ruby Roundhouse’s full look!

Ruby Roundhouse Cosplay Costumes

Are you ready to face the world of Jumanji?! With the look of Ruby Roundhouse, you’ll have some help on your side. Finding pieces for the costume won’t be as difficult as defeating the Jumanji game, and we have a few tips to help you get the look just right. Ruby wears a red crop top, cargo shorts, jungle boots, and a choker which should be located to purchase at most stores. Her leather vest though, utility belt, and fingerless gloves may be more difficult to locate. But, that’s all you should need to survive as Ruby!

The latest addition to the original Jumanji movie is all about the avatars in the video game. So, grabbing a few of your friends to dress as Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Professor Shelly Oberon, and Moose Finbar would be an spic idea! You can find the other characters down below, but Costume Wall has hundreds of other movie characters to cosplay as well! Send us a picture of your look, and it may end up in that costume gallery as well!”

About Ruby Roundhouse

Martha, Spencer, Fridge, and Bethany all get detention and aren’t excited about it in the least. When one of them stumbles across a video game system that appears to be out of a date, they decide to kill some time while they are forced to be together. Martha doesn’t fit into the group of high school students because she’s a bit of a nerd that wouldn’t typically be hanging out with the other kids—Fridge, Bethany and Spencer. Martha chooses her avatar—Ruby Roundhouse and everything chances in an instant!

Now that Martha is transformed into Ruby Roundhouse, she is wearing a sexy, adventurous outfit. She is completely unrecognizable and the guys are suddenly attracted to her. What’s even better is that she has some hardcore, kick-butt moves that saves the other players in the game on numerous occasions! Now Martha must decide if she likes her new avatar more than herself in the high school world!

Ruby Roundhouse

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