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Ruby Rose Costume Guide
Ruby Rose Costume
Black Ruby Rose Wig
Ruby Rose Boots
High-Velocity Sniper Scythe
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Best Ruby Rose Costume Guide

Ruby Rose is the main character and stands for the letter “R” in the title of the Rooster Teeth anime show RWBY. Ruby has always dreamed of becoming a huntress, and attends Beacon Academy to fulfill her desire! While at Beacon Academy, Ruby becomes the leader of Team RWBY, made up of Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and her half-sister, Yang Xiao Long. From fighting off her enemies to keeping her best friends around, Ruby realizes how difficult, but rewarding the life of a huntress can be! Get the look of fair-skinned huntress with this Ruby Rose costume guide.

Cosplay Ruby’s look with a Ruby Rose Costume, Black Ruby Rose Wig, a pair of Ruby Rose Boots, a High-Velocity Sniper Scythe, and some Red Rose Petals to really bring the look together!

Ruby Rose Cosplay Costumes

Don’t we all want to dress up as a strong huntress? As the head huntress of the RWBY group, Ruby Rose is quickly becoming quite the popular choice for cosplay. The 15-year-old girl uses her semblance called “speed” in battle to run faster than the human eye can track. To get the main essentials for her look, get Ruby’s costume, wig, boots, and scythe from online since you want the closest look possible! You can get rose petals from a local craft store to enhance the look even more.

By adding a few more characters will turn this into an actual RWBY group cosplay! Grab a few of your gal pals to dress as Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long for a fun night of cosplay. Check out the other RWBY character costume guides for more cosplay tips and tricks. Send us a picture of your completed costume to be the next featured in the Ruby Rose cosplay gallery!

About Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose, the title character in Rooter Teeth’s anime series RWBY, has always looked up to the hunters and huntresses of the world and knew that one day she would achieve her goal of becoming one too. She attended Beacon Academy where she went through intense training to become the best huntress possible. She also met her best friends Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long along her journey.

Now, Ruby Rose fights against evil on a daily basis! Sometimes she gets ahead of herself and jumps the gun in situations risks her life, but for the most part, Ruby knows how to execute a plan of action. Recently, Ruby Rose expressed that she doesn’t like big crowds, and other than the friends she already has, would rather spend time with her weapons! Even though she may not be a socializer, Ruby can stand up among the best to put up one heck of a fight!

Ruby Rose

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