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Rose Quartz Costume Guide

Best Rose Quartz Costume Guide

Rose Quartz, or just Rose for short, is a character from the popular Cartoon Network animated series, Steven Universe. She was the founder and former leader of the Crystal Gems, a rebel group seeking to protect planet Earth from exploitation and proclaim themselves as the guardians of humanity. Her real identity is Pink Diamond, and thousands of years ago, she was given license to colonize Earth to be her planet. In the process of doing so, she fell in love with Earth and assumed a fake identity as the appearance of Rose Quartz.

Get the look of the leader in disguise with this Rose Quartz costume guide. And you’ll be ready to rule Earth with this Rose Quartz cosplay. Start with her quintessential White Corset, Ruffles Skirt, and Pink Hair Wig. Then make sure to accessorize with a Pink Star and some Rhinestones. Don’t forget to wield a Quartz Sword and Shield.

Rose Quartz Cosplay Costumes

When Pink Diamond fell in love with the beauty of the Earth, she had to lead a rebellion against the Gem homeworld from which she came from. This rebellion took place around 5,500 years before the timeline of the Steven Universe series. When she succeeded in staving off the invading Gems from Earth and consequently saving its inhabitants, she assumed the identity of Rose Quartz. Eventually, she developed a romantic relationship with a human named Greg Universe. Their relationship led to her becoming pregnant with Steven Universe, the main character of the show, for which she gave up her physical form in giving birth. Now, she is a permanent part of Steven through the gemstone she left him.

Though Rose Quartz may be the leader of the Crystal Gems, you don’t need to cosplay only. Gather your friends together to help guard the universe. They can cosplay as Steven, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, and the many Gems found on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe.

About Rose Quartz

According to Bismuth, one of the original members of the Crystal Gems, Rose was always a non-conforming Gem who didn’t agree with the values of the Gem Homeworld caste system. She always believed in taking control of one’s own identities. This disconnect with her own home planet and the way they viewed everything was why Rose Quartz grew was so fascinated with Earth and its inhabitants. She saw that humans were individualistic—always growing, changing, defining, and redefining themselves. She also found them funny and adorable.

Despite her strong values and will, however, Rose is also often described as loving, curious, adventurous, and fun. Her son Steven is often said to resemble her. Rose also possessed standard Gem abilities such as regeneration, superhuman durability, and bubbling. Legends that surround Rose paint her as a great warrior who was very proficient in combat. More than a great warrior, she was said to be an even greater leader.

Rose Quartz

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