How to Dress Like Rosa

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Rosa Costume Guide
Visor Hat in Pink and White
Donut Hair Bun in Brown
Tahiti Blue 3/4 Sleeve Tee
Long Straight Anime Wig in Brown
Coral Halter Top
Yellow Jersey Mini Skirt
Pink/White Handbag
Black Yoga Pants
Tinkerbell Pink Socks
Converse Blue Sky Chuck Taylors

Best Rosa Costume Guide

Rosa is a Trainer from the Pokemon franchise game, Pokemon Black 2 And White 2 for Nintendo DS. Being a game character, not too much is known about her except that she’s an extremely powerful trainer. Rosa is probably one of the most stylishly Pokemon Trainers around and her costume will look good on any girl.

Start by wearing Brown Donut Hair Buns on both sides of of your head along with a Long Straight Anime Wig. On top of your stylish wig, wear a Pink and White Visor Hat. Next, layer a Coral Halter Top with a Tahiti Blue 3/4 Sleeve Tee. Wear a pair of comfortable Black Yoga Pants underneath a cute Yellow Jersey Mini Skirt. Finish the look by wearing a pair of Tinkerbell Pink Socks and Converse Blue Sky Chuck Taylors. To accessorize, you’ll need a Pink and White handbag and your very own Pokeball.

Rosa Cosplay Costumes

Rosa is a powerful and confident Pokemon Trainer. Dressing up like her will fill you with enough confidence to easily defeat the Plasma Team or the sinister ‘N’ guy. But nevertheless, it never hurts to have partners of your own.

You can plan with your friends to create the biggest, most powerful Pokemon Trainer group the world has ever seen. Or you can go a bit further and create the best anime team up with characters from BeyBlade, Duel Masters, and even Yu Gi Oh! With all the characters from Pokemon and the anime world, there are limitless possibilities. To get your creativity flowing, Costume Wall has cosplay guides for many other trainers and anime characters as well. So explore our featured cosplay images. And if you want, we’d love to see a picture or your look!

About Rosa

Rosa is one of the best trainers in the Nintendo DS game Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. She is a young girl from Aspertia City. At the start of the game, she sets off with her friend, Hugh, in search of Pokemon. She quickly becomes extremely confident in her abilities with many powerful Pokemon in her possession.

She seems to have a powerful affinity with her Pokemon, so much so, that it seems as though they understand her without her speaking a word. She is smug and unable to hide her strengths, subconsciously thinking of herself as better than every opponent she faces. This makes her a fun and stylish Pokemon Trainer to cosplay.


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