How to Dress Like Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald Costume Guide
Red Face Paint
Clown Costume
White Face Paint
Stripe Dress Socks
Clown Shoes

Best Ronald McDonald Costume Guide

Ronald McDonald needs no introduction, as he is one of the most easily recognized characters across the globe. Since 1963 when a radio personality named Willard Scott played a character called Ronald McDonald, the Hamburger-Happy Clown, everyone’s favorite fast food clown has become the mascot for giant restaurant chain McDonald’s. Until around 2003, he would inhabit a fantasy world called McDonaldland in many of the McDonalds commercials, with his friends Grimace, Mayor McCheese, and the Hamburglar.

He is usually seen in restaurants interacting with families and even has a charity built in his name called Ronald McDonald House. It’s a place to stay for families when they are visiting sick children in nearby hospitals. If you want to get the look of the happy clown from McDonaldland, you’ll need some White Face Paint, Red Face Paint, Clown Costume, Stripe Dress Socks, and Clown Shoes.


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